TWO phases of elections are over in UP with roughly 62 and 60 percent of the voting. Nearly 60.44% of over 20 million voters exercised their franchise in the second phase as polling for 55 seats in nine districts of Uttar Pradesh concluded of the seven-phase elections. Its a big journey ahead but the What IF ? factor is too scary to think of. While we were almost certain that BJP/Yogi/Modi will be able to form the government in UP smoothly, a senior journalist friend of ours spoiled our sleep the day before yesterday. Not because bjp is losing but the consequences going ahead are too scary for us and the nation. Then yesterday another friend who follows elections closely repeated the same thing. And they said forget smooth win for Yogi, in fact, BJP is losing in Uttar Pradesh if the pattern of these two phases is replicated in the rest. 

Like cricket, elections are also not over until the last day and hour of canvassing and last vote polled by a voter. Therefore the BJP has to be on its feet and should not take a sigh of relief or rest, that is the first thing. 
Second, it should not take victory as granted but be prepared for all scenarios and even the worst-case which is it is back to two-digit numbers. In fact, our journalist friend had said this. 

Third, it has to gear up for 2024 with more passion and energy and should not sulk or make merry irrespective of the UP result. 

Fourth, it should forget the farmer’s and CAA era incidents as quickly as possible and must not allow the shadow of these incidents to fall upon future decision-making processes. 

Fifth and this is important. If BJP loses in UP there will be political mayhem and many unpredictable – predictable events happening that will be beyond control or damage control mode. And this is what worries us. The Hijab controversy has once again exposed our weaknesses in full light. The country remains in the grip of short-sighted politicians and selfish citizens who cannot rise beyond caste and religion. 

Washington Post is praising Trudev of Canada for handling the truck protestors by bringing army and closing their bank accounts. The same paper was crying for liberal democratic rights on behalf of the farmer’s lobby who was blackmailing the country. Either media like Washington post be banned in the country or they have to be lobbied hard to write for us. 

India will have to take many tough decisions going forward. Its not just about Washington Post or Hijab. The country has been looted, exploited, and weakened by the evil-minded while the good-minded remained silent observers. This has been happening for years and once more we have arrived at a point where we may see a repeat of all such things in big manner. 

Therefore we are of the opinion that it is time to be firm and decisive. This can be just our last opportunity to do something.

Its time to unite and bring forth all positive virtues. The celestial planets are showing abnormal equations. The planet ruling India, Venus spends more than usual time in retrograde position and then engaging in planetary war with Mars, which is just its opposite in nature. This war will continue until March/April and can have repercussions for the nation. 

As they say, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. It’s time for all nationalists to shake off from their complacency and attitude n work for the nation like never before. Only then do we have a future together. 

It is essential that Yogi Adityanath wins in UP with a huge number of seats for a safe and strong Bharat.

Asheesh Shah
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