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Congrats we just got NSG: Understanding Chinese game on NSG – part 3:

Let me make a futuristic statement, ” Congratulations, we just got the NSG membership”. However when I just finished hearing this statement I felt uneasiness. The second line had more dramatic effect on me than the first. Pakistan too is in. Come June 24 2016 and this could be what you might hear.
All those who are following India vying for the NSG membership amongst the obstructionist position of China and support from United States, let us wake for this grave reality which looks to me equally probable and also dreadful. Legitimising the snake to bite.
So the game is clear to me. China is all set to say a ‘YES’ to India getting NSG but also making sure that Pakistan also gets the same. Also to extract other freebies in the process. That is the strategy being adopted by China. The dragon is not known to show its true colours and will keep the world guessing. That is how it stands to gain best. I do not have any doubt about the outcome of this chinese plan. They are not getting anything out of blocking Inndia and they know that very well, so why not to extract as much by taking a tough position. They will certainly make big noises in between so that India really gets worried. ( Therefore India and US needs to be alert and smart.
However India just succumbed and made a probable mistake by relaxing security for chinese ( This is what the chinese want. They also moved another pawn on their board of chess by intruding again in Arunachal Pradesh. We hope the compromises are not severe.
Oh, what the hell. The chinese are playing so cleverly and India as usual getting bold on a ‘ NO Ball. ;. India needs a captain like Virat Kohli or may be a finisher like MS Dhoni. And by Joe we do have them in the form of Narendra Modi. But than why are we getting over anxious.
The problem with China is not they are our big neighbours. Rather they have this habit of sneaking around. (
Meanwhile Pakistan also stepped upon the gas by making hilarious statements, (
All this out maneuvering and diplomatic upmanship calls us to be really smart and fine tune our own strategy. The United States has also to be more careful as it is always found to be willing to make more concessions to its opponents especially in the Obama administration.
Therefore what we and US need to do immediately is as follows:
1. Stop behaving like India needs a NSG come what may.
2. Let the fine tuning take place behind the scenes and it a more subtle manner rather than shouting from the roof tops.
3. Let us also tell that we need NSG but on our own terms and not by sleeping with the enemy as a compromise.
4. Let United States be taken into confidence with our strategy.
5. Let the world know that China and Pak are hands in glove over nuclear technology ( North Korea, Iran are fine examples) ( ).
6. Let the world know that Pakistan ranks on the top of list as one of the most dangerous nation with nuclear stock pile that surpasses most other advanced nations like UK, France etc. (
7. Let there be a clear message be send that India wants NSG but not by allowing Pakistan also for the same.
8. Let China be given a message that India values friendship with ir but on an equal pedestal and not by treating India as a small and weak nation that can be threatened through intrusions and blackmailing.
9. India should look calm and composed and not frenetic by undesired media stories () . Wondering who told the media in the first place ??
In our opinion in the following days more moves will be witnessed on this front. Only through a clever and smart strategy India and United States can beat the game of China and Pak. Pakistan will certainly make all out effort like the person who finds himself in the sea and fights for survival. But we need to make sure that he does not get a helping hand as we all know this are mere tantrums just to whitewash and play with the world for the sake of ISI and Pak military.

Asheesh Shah
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