Badhai BJPs Foundation Day !! Miles to go for BJP ( and Sangh)…some thoughts on its foundation day

Badhai BJPs Foundation Day !! Miles to go for BJP ( and Sangh)…some thoughts on its foundation day

BJP is having its foundation day today i.e. 6th of April. It was this day when it changed

itself from Jansangh to Bhartiya Janta Party. The rise of the BJP so far has been

phenomenal. It has been fortunate to have great leaders who all served the party with

their Tan, Man, and Dhan. We would also take the opportunity to convey our tributes to

all such stalwarts from Vajpai to Sinha, Parrikar to Jetley and Sushma Swaraj, and all

others. There are also leaders like Murli Manohar Joshi, and LalKrishna Advani who all

are retired now but have given their lives for the partys growth.


If one sees the development or cycle of any organization then there are typically three

major phases. First is the Infancy where the party starts building a name for itself.

Second is the RISE or GROWTH phase when the organization starts making BIG

name for itself. The third is the Consolidation Phase while the fourth if one can add is

the DECLINE phase.


Where would one like to place BJP at the moment? In the second or the third? It

depends how one sees the party. It is a case of a Glass half filled with water and then

on an individual how one sees it. Half filled or half empty? If we consider that the

party has grown significantly then we can consider it as a consolidation phase, and if

we are looking it as a party that still has to get inside Tamilnadu, Kerela, and Bengal and

capture these states then we can consider still the party to be in the GROWTH phase.

In either case, the party has still a long way to go. In 2019, last general election,

the party got 37.36 % of votes from a voter count of around 912 million accounting for

67% of votes. While these may look to be fabulous numbers it’s not. We will consider it

really fabulous if the party can cross and capture  50 % of the votes which is a huge

challenge for the party. There are still many individuals, from all sections of society

who don’t vote for BJP. It is difficult to know what stops them. We at times debate on

social media with these people and try to give the logic of Infra and other developments

of Modi government, but fail to convince these people who dont want to listen to any

such thing.


People who dont want to listen and see the performance of a good government like

Modi does it for two or three reasons. First is that their family has been loyal congress

voter so they continue with the same party. Second is they get support and business

from political parties other than BJP, either at present or in the past hence they

continue with their own contacts.


The important question is how to break such a mindset so that citizens can really see the

performance of a government and vote on the basis of Merit. Please note that we dont

support any government which is anti-national, or inefficient whether its BJP or some

other. The Party has to make outreach and try to reach every household in the

nation. It must provide them with literature about the government’s (Modi’s) work and

try to convince them. This is a BIG TASK that the party has to take and the time starts


Second, the party has to work TRAINING its cadres. We have been saying this for a long

time. Every party or organization is vulnerable to DEGENERATION which is a natural

phenomenon. It starts creeping after the BIG GROWTH phase that we talked about in

the first two paragraphs of this BLOG. Instead of consolidation, the party starts sinking.

Again there is a fine line of division between the consolidation and Degeneration phases

as both can happen simultaneously. The party has to be really careful and introspect itself

for such degenerative practices in its cadres from top to bottom. We think that

generation is happening in the party though to what extent and what percentage is



Therefore the party has to train its cadres again from the topmost to the bottom, try to

inculcate spiritual qualities in them. As a first measure, no one should be given

a permanent ministership or BIG lucrative post for more than 5- 10 years which brings

EGO and degeneration. Everyone must be sent to Organization work once in a while

without BIG time facilities. Unless one goes through HARDSHIP a person cannot rise

spiritually. Only the top few can be exempted from these rules and the PM along with

The party president must be given the responsibility to consider who goes out and who is



PM Modi did show this when he removed many ministers from the cabinet. But the

message that went with the reshuffle was not positive. This should have been given a

positive step and as a normal practice to send ministers and BIG leaders for

organizational works. Such leaders must be taken back again so that there is no

bitterness in the party.


Presently we see many young ministers and ABVP cadres enjoying power and luxury.

It is important that they all get a rotation and are sent towards organizational work as

we see many of them are becoming arrogant, inefficient and corrupt. This is neither

GOOD for the party or for the nation.


The same applies to Sangh. It is also going through the same phases that we talked for

BJP. It has also seen GROWTH and it is also going through the GROWTH, Consolidation

and DEGENERATION phase. Unlike BJP it is important for SANGH to be more

attentive, careful, and introspective, The reason is simple BJP can become weak or

strong, can come to power or not is not important as it can always come back due to

political reasons. But the Sangh cannot afford to lose its ground. Once its base gets

disturbed it will be difficult,  almost impossible to organize such a big organization



Therefore the SANGH has to make DOUBLE SURE to ROTATATING its CADRES

from powerful positions in GOvernment to basic organization work in far and remote

places. This will bring a SPIRITUAL quotient to the cadres.




We have given some of our thoughts here for the BJP as well as Sangh on the occasion

of BJPs foundation day. We propose to keep rotating the cadres from power to work on

GROUND. This is IMPORTANT as one can clearly see some DEGENERATION in the

party and the cadres at all levels. Degeneration comes from continuous power

positions. Arrogance and Corruption are natural attributes that come with power and in

Kaliyuga they become more easier to creep inside any man or woman and we dont

blame anyone for that.


The party and SANGH heads must be alert and careful for this. The destiny of the

country hinges upon a more rightful and spiritual BJP and SANGH.

We also propose continuous training of cadres for both these organizations. The Sangh

Shiksha Varga has to be expanded. Its still a very close and small event. Though we

don’t have full data we have been seeing it for many years. Also, the Shiksha Varga

must invite Trainers from a different section of the society and not just Sangh Pracharaks

to train the cadres.


Both BJP and SANGH have to continuously monitor and review their work and

challenges. Overconfidence is another attribute that comes naturally as people tend to

see just the positive sides because they are surrounded by only sycophants.


We convey our BEST wishes to both BJP and SANGH on the eve of BJP

FOUNDATION DAY. We HOPE Party and SANGH LEADERS will pay due attention

to the points raised and proposals made.


Best Wishes

Dr Asheesh Shah


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