Between the Devil and the Deep Sea…BULLDOZER can be only a short term solution. Tough choices for Govt and the nation…

Disclaimer: This is an independently written article by the author without allegiance to any political party, ideology or government. 

Ever since Ramnavami the country has been on the boil. The fabric of the nation has been tested and continues to be. The regional satraps have made life difficult for the Hindus where Minority appeasement has gone beyond any decent steps.  Its not that we are anti minorities or dont want to see them progress. But we cannot justify nor support one sided biasedness at the cost of other.

One might be excused to think that there was Bulldozer being called into service in many places in the country. We do agree that Bulldozers send a message in a crude message to all concerned but the manner in which the apex court of the country has come to the rescue and also opposition party leaders making it  an issue of Hindu versus minorities, it is clear that it cannot be a long term solution for the riot prone areas and the country.  The bulldozer came into limelight first from Uttar Pradesh where CM Yogi Adityanath has successfully demonstrated strictness by calling bulldozers to erase property of persons involved into riots or anti national activities. 

Buoyed by its success , the MP CM / home minister also called the services of  bulldozer in Khargone and finally it was used in Delhi’s Jehangirpuri. 

However Bulldozer is an effective short term measure but not a long term solution and the government has to think beyond. There are reports that Hindu families  moved out of Khargone are not willing to return back. This happens whenever there is a riot between Hindus and minorities. The Hindus fled the scene and leave the space open for minorities to further expand their dominance. These sort of practice is not just restricted to riots. Even in West Bengal, post poll violence have forced 300 Hindu / pro BJP families to fled and hide. The Maharashtra government is also using sedition and other charges to create fear in the minds of opponents for no good reasons. Few days back, it levied sedition charges against Navneet Rana and Ravi Rana who went upon to chant Hanuman Chalisa at Matoshree, the residence of CM Uddhav Thackeray. It was also anguishing to see Sanjay Raut who always has his foot in the mouth and threatened in broad daylight and before the media to face repercussions from anyone who challenges Shiv Sena. Kirit Somaiiya who was thrashed by Shiv Sainiks was openly abused by Sanjay Raut. 

There are also anti India global propaganda where not only ISI and George Soros but many other organizations and individuals are involved. India American Muslim Council, USCIRF and other entities are creating anti india global narrative. 

Arvind Kejriwal the most **** CM of the nation is being backed by powerful lobbies and has set his eye for the top position in the country and grabbing as many states. Unfortunately when Jehangirpuri was burning the CM was making political speech in Bangalore and openly charging the BJP for riots. He was saying, ” if you want riots vote to bjp, if you want schools vote for us”.  They have purchased the media of the nation who were starving becasue of the strict policies of Modi government. There are certain things in the country which are not good but has to happen. Modi government has put breaks to many such things as a result of which many people and organizations are dead against PM Modi and the government. 

IN Alwar a Shiv Linga was crushed to pieces by machines while everyone from BJP to congress and all others were busy blaming each other. Rajasthan has also become a very anti Hindu state where CM Gehlaut keeps bringing anti Hindu policies for minority appeasement.  

Karnataka continues to be in the grip of communal frenzy and the latest is a convent school has asked all its students to carry Bible compulsory in the school. 

The CM of Madhya Pradesh has lost his sheen and grip. Ifhe is not replaced MP will see a change in government in next elections.

 The democracy in the country is seeing new lows by the day. Maybe its because of the delayed response that is too little and too late.  There is also anti Amit Shah narratives on social media . The regional satraps and congress are bent upon weakening the nation and also make sure that the Modi government has a difficult time. While this may be termed as political gimmicks we are concerned about the larger picture. 

The tiranga yatra being carried out in Delhi to demonstrate Hindu Muslim unity is a quick face wash. 
There is a need for some LONG TERM solutions for the many challenges that the country is facing. The BJP and the central government has to be clear about its policies and act with conviction. They seem to be in two minds or are clue less or are not much interested in what is happening. That may not be the case actually but that is what is the general perception in the country. 

The minorities are unable to patch up with the BJp and the government depsite availing all benefits from them like PM aawas yojana and medical benefits. These will hurt them in the long run. These provides BJ{ hardliners to neglect them and polarise the voters in favour of Hinduism. The Muslims of the country must realise that their true upliftment is possible only with BJP and Modi government. They must check what they have got during past 70 years, except for leniency in population , azan and Namaz. This is not true development. They should have contribute to national GDP in line with their population percentage which is more than 20 %. But do they contribute ?

This is the time where a very DECISIVE government and actions are needed else this all will get reflected in 2024 elections. While the govt has done exceptionally well in its foreign policies , the internal policy needs some strong long term measures. Uniform Civiil Code is one such thing and has to be brought at the earliest. The BJP ruled states , must have a cohesive uniform policy that can be seen by everyone. 


WE have been telling that its a Now or Never kind of moment for the nation. Half heartedly quick fix solution will not help. The Sangh also has to think in long term strong measures. When in power your virtues become your own enemies fits well both upon the Sangh and the BJP. 

Its a very pessimistic environment if one things deeply and seriously. On the surface everything looks well and in control but dont be surprised and shocked dif everything goes out of control for the government and the party. 
Fortunately the kaal Sarpa yoga that has been formed for past few months comes to an end in next few days. This can be helpful and also as Jupiter moves into Pisces the government can get some divine support. But then Saturn is moving into Aquarius and will bring frustration in the masses. This can happen because of unemployment and rising prices and inflation. 

In summary the government has to be very strict and show its muscles strongly. It has to use its power within democratic limits. The regional satraps are not going to be controlled easily. But the alternatives are also not easy. As they say, when the times are tough, the tough gets going. It is this proverb that should be the mantra for PM Modi and his government. Fortunately a large section of people still believe in the government but would like to see good governance on all fronts and not just a few sectors. 

Dr Asheesh Shah
with best wishes

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