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Concept Note Forthcoming Conference India vision 2047 : Challenges and way forward 

Survival is a natural instinct that is found in the smallest of creatures to nations and civilizations. On the other side, aggression and annihilation is another contrasting attribute that can be seen in nature’s play across the universe. In Sanatana Dharma, we call these plays as Trigun shakti of Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. Though we have inherited this knowledge for centuries and Yugas yet we have faltered but also fought. The war of civilizations is nothing new and has been happening and nothing should be taken as guaranteed. The Roman empire failed with all its might and so did the Russians in the present-day context.  India has struggled in the past but now we see a ray of light shining over the horizon to reclaim our past glory and golden heritage.

The time has come up to steer the country and strengthen it at every opportunity and moment of our existence. This opportunity has been termed Vision 2047 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and we must be prepared to understand the importance of this milestone. 

Year 2047 is important for multiple reasons. India completes 100 years of its independence in this year. We have still 21 years to go . It may seem too far and too near depending upon how one sees and through what lenses and angles.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi pledged to turn India into a developed nation in 25 years, by the centenary of India’s independence. Addressing the nation on its 76th Independence day, PM Modi also urged Indians to focus on innovation and help root out corruption and nepotism.

That is the best case scenario. The other angle is the call by PFI to islsmise India completely or what is also called as Gazwa-e-Hind in its Vision document. True PFI has been banned but the thought and ideology still prevails in many extremist minds.

Another angle to look at it is from the Chinese angle where president Xi assumes office for a third term which is as good as life term. Giving him another ten or for that matter even 5 is too big for us.

Still going beyond we dont know at this point where would the Ukraine- Russia war would go. In either case the fallout will be huge.

America is America and will be always like that which is to make America great by keeping American interest not only first but by overriding anything and everything that comes in between.

Another domain that is transforming our lives is the science and technology. AI and drones gave proved that they are not just matter of academic pusuits or some overhyped terminologies but real smart tech stuff at play. The drone swarm is a realistic situation and AI, and cyber are all part of actual war fare and DRDO is trying to keep pace with Baykar Bayraktar drone company of Turkey, the best in the business and also reportedly sold to Pakistan. Iran, Israel as always are making huge progress and we are not talking about china and US.

Last but not least Climate change and energy security are two things that need to be dealt more emphatically . And please know that climate changes and energy security are the things that wont wait for 2047 if not addressed earnestly.

This was a very brief picture of things that we have to be prepared when the country celeberates its centinary.

Having laid  the boundaries we need more serious deliberations on all such issues in the best interest of the nation. 

This is what we would do in our 13th December 2022 conference. A fair honest and serious discussion with field experts  and policy makers will be the best thing under the global uncertainity and all around tug of war. Lets just do it.  

Looking forward to have your august presence and blessings for the same.

*The complete details and other schedule will be shared soon. Best and warm regards
Dr Asheesh Shah


PhD-Comp Sc & Engg.,

Strategy-IIMC, Strategy & Leadership –



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