COVID help Center – Individual/Apps/Bots

Many Individuals have come up with Great Efforts to help Covid patients and families. Here is a list of some who can be contacted in your city for some help.

  1. Varsha Verma : City Lucknow :- Facebook Page for ‘Ambulance to take the dead for last rites. She runs an NGO by the name ‘ Ek koshish Eisi bhi’.
  2. Anne Moris : Bangalore for last rites. (Please provide contact info if anyone has )
  3. Indorewale : a Facebook initiative by Sameer Sharma to help Covid patients find plasma and oxygen
  4. MahaShakti Seva Kendra Bhopal : A NGO in Bhopal providing Food packets to the needy n corona patients .
  5. : Sprinkler also sources relevant information from Twitter. The website has six categories — Remdesivir/Tocilizumab, Oxygen cylinders, Plasma, fabiflu/favipiravir, ICU/ventilator and hospital beds. Once users visit the website, they have to select their city and click on any of the given six categories for relevant posts by Twitter users. The website is updated every few minutes. Click here to access the Sprinkler website.
  6. CovidSoS: Created by Twitter user @sri_mash, is a chatbot that curates relevant Twitter posts with verified keywords. Once users click on the website, the chatbot gives nine options for them to choose from namely food, vaccination, oxygen concentrator, plasma, medicine, oxygen, ventilators and ICU. Once an option is selected, the website asks users to fill in their city following which users can view relevant Twitter posts. Click here for COVIDSoS website.
  7. Shashwat Shah covid bot : This is another bot maintained by Young engineer from Airtel in his individual capacity. As of now works only for Bangalore, Indore, Delhi and Gurgaon. Step 1. Download telegram; Step 2 Open the LINK in telegram. Step 3. Select Start to continue.
  8. Covid19 Resources database : A good public resource that provides information on medical tablets, Plasma , and other critical information..
  9. COVID hospital data : Citizens of Delhi and Bangalore can use this website to find available hospital beds in their vicinity. The website marks hospitals with available beds in green and others in red. Once users click on a hospital, the website also gives details such as address and contact numbers. “This tool only aggregates government-supplied data on a map, we understand that the reality on the ground may be very different. We’re doing our best to verify information based on feedback received and be as accurate as possible,” it says. Click here to access the website.
  10. BHOPAL (MP) Shanti Vahan Seva . This is a list of telephone numbers of help groups for final rites carrier. Nagar Nigam: 0755-2701-401; 0755-2542-222; Amardeep- 9713339815 ; Minni- 9522999377; Nadeem-9425004616
  11. Jabalpur humanity org: Active in Jabalpur to help corona patients. Write to or call Anil / Abinav at 6260023012 or 7354220001
  12. Jain kovid Isolation Centre: (Shri Digamber Jain Mandir Garha Registered Trust) Garha, Jabalpur,(MP) Contact Person:- CA Rajesh Jain Ph.No. 98261 22099
  13. Nikita Parmar Nashik : For home delivery of Free Food for corona patients in home quarantine. Mobile: 9811771216 @advikitaparmar
  14. Rotary District RID 3040 Ujjain: Contact Avnish Gupta : 9425332104 for hospital and ohr services.
  15. DR Kumar Vishvas New Delhi: DR Vishvas well known poet is offering Plasma services for the needy . PL tweet @OfficeOfDKV for HELP
  16. Nakoda Indore :- Contact For food, Medicines, Mask , Sanitisers – Manish 9425192123; Risshab:9826298198; Shreya – 9826012161; Harsh 9826325528
  17. Youth Awakening Mission (YAM) Free Covid 19 Online Assistance with 50 Plus Doctors Call : 9412218957 Timings 11- 6 PM
  18. Tiffin Seva – sector 50 Gurgaon – whats app: 9717020929; 9999773168
  19. RSS Help Desk: For any help in Bhopal : contact: Purushottam Sharma 9826052193; Rajesh Jain 9425005003; Namaish Seth 9425014737;