Dear PM Modi:: Time to recognise contribution of Indian Industry: From Tata to Vedanta , Ambani to Adani , Shroff brothers to Mahindra and Bajaj India owes a lot to them


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Dear PM Modi:: Time to recognise contribution of Indian Industry: From Tata to Vedanta , Ambani to Adani, Shroff brothers to Mahindra and Bajaj India owes a lot to them

Indian Industry is one of the most cursed sector politically. From Indira Gandhi to Kejriwal every politician has blamed the Indian industry, accusing it of corruption and everything . However the fact is Indian Industry has been one of the most resilent and strong part of our country withoiut which it would have been difficult to build the nation. Whether it was Bajaj, or the Tata’s before independence, Shroff brothers ( UPL, Excel ) and Mahindra or the post Independence emergence of industry tycoons like Ambanis, Anil Agrawal ,  Adani, Mittals, India has been lucky to have such a luminous array of INdustrialists who have helped the country not only for being self reliant but also have created huge employment for one and all. It will be difficult to envisage present India and its economy without them and most notably the IT industry led by TCS and Infosys who have single handedly supported the middle class aspirations of young boys and girls and their parents. 
In return the Indian politician and society have chosen to blame them of corruption and unethical practices. That is something which need to be changed. The reason is simple and plain. Successful Industrialists are also able to a mass huge wealth for themselves and the stake holders. Thus it goes against the traditional conservative view of Left oriented poor and pro “Bourgous’ class  mindset. Communism has failed everywhere. Everyone is aware of what happened in USSR ( now Russia) . China is half capitalist and full communist no one knows what happens inside with huge subsidy doled out to industry and private enterprise besides ofcourse PSUs. 
Let us take the Indian Industry again. The Shroff brothers were one of the first to make Indian Industry self reliant in a technically challenging field like Chemical engineering. Today Excel Industry is more than 100 years old started by Shroff Brothers namely Kantisen and CC Shroff. It was one of the first company to venture into critical chemical and speciality chemicals. From Phosphorous to Endosulfan ( used in Pestiside ind) which are all import substitute products made in India by Excel Industry. Today Excel Industry is lead by Ashwin Shroff a veteran who at the age of 75 plus is leading from the front Excel Industry along with cousin brothers at UPL and others. . However, the Government has so far not acknowledged let alone recognised the contribution of Shroff family to Indian economy and esp for being Atma Nirbhar. The Vivekanand Research and Training Inst. a NGO run by Ashwin Shroff led Excel industry and handicraft NGO Srajan bringing artisans from Bhuj area to Metros and elite places are some of the best run NGO’s in the country that shows the power of what all NGOs can do in real time and real terms to the poor and destitute in far flung places , by making small Dams to creating employment for women and men equally. 
Take the Anil Agrawal led Vedanta who is into energy and elements. From Oil to Zinc and aluminium the Agrawal group of companies are at the front leading this critical industry where self reliance is more important than anything else. However today the group is grappling fighting for revival of Sterlite copper, closed for more than 4 years and was  producing the important element copper. 
The role of Tata’s can never be told in words. From Salt to power , Tata Steel to TCS Indian industry is overwhelmed by the contribution of the Tata’s. Today Tata along with L&T and other major groups are also into defence space making India overcome challenges. Their philanthropic approach is a case study in Harvard is prestigious management journals. TCS and Infosys , HCL , Wipro are providing employment to milliions of Indians which can be seen as a ripple effect  in Indian educational institutes as well as abroad, real estate and hospilaity industry.  
The Ambanis and Adanis are producing employment for millions of Indians through their amazing enterprising spirits. 
The Mahindra’s and Bajaj are the silent heroes of Indian Automobile Industry . The Jeep of Mahindra’s and Bikes of Bajaj are part of every rural town , cities and metros. The Escort , Eicher and Hero, TVS are other prominent groups in the area, The bullet produced by Lal group is internationally recognised. 
The Larsen Tourbo group is another Indian name that is a synonym of Indian Infra story. 
We would like to request the government to respect and recognise the Indian industry and its leaders for its contribution and resilience against all odds and in a global competitive industry. If India has to overcome the Chinese factor that the world is looking towards us then Indian Industry is one place to be dependent. The Tata’s and Agrawals foray into semiconductor industry can be a game changer all togehter. Though the government awards the industry through some commerce platforms like FICCI and CII which are also doing some amazing job, we thing its time to respect all of them more than what we have been doing. First thing will be to not thrash them for political sake like Kejriwal and Mamata Banarjee does.

It will be really great if PM Modi , Nirmala Sitharaman, Piyush Goyal , can do something more to recognise the efforts of these leaders some of whom are now in their prime years. 
 While some of them are part of PM Modis advisory team many others like Shroffs , etc  in the critical chemical industry must be brought to the forefront utilising their years of wisdom and business acumen and will be the least what the govt can do. The Indian story will always be incomplete without Indian Industry in tow. We  are not able to write a full post because of space constraints but there are many others who have been working silently to make Indian self reliant. 
with best wishes
Dr Asheesh Shah

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