FCRA violations and growing anti-national activities..Govt has to be proactive


FCRA violations and growing anti national activities..Govt has to be proactive

Disclaimer: This is an independently written article by the author without allegiance to any political party, ideology or government. 

There is news in today’s Times of  India that has caught our attention. It says that some MHA officials are in hands and gloves with NGO clearing illegal foreign money in the country (https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/cbi-busts-fcra-nexus-between-ngos-mha-babus/articleshow/91478594.cms). 

The country is standing at a crossroads and the actions in months to come will determine the long-term destiny of the nation. Many incidents are being reported across the country and they all point towards one thing – We need a very strong and proactive law and order system in the country. 

One of the early decisions taken by the Modi government was to ban many NGOs who were getting foreign money from lobbyists and dubious sources. The Government has taken action to strengthen scrutiny over foreign funds entering India by significantly amending the FCRA Act, 2010. However, analysis of the data reveals that misuse of foreign contributions to fuel anti-development agitations continues by and large.  
In between 2010-11 to 2019-20, India had;
1. India has over 300 active FCRA registered entities whose foreign contribution cannot be traced owing to non-declaration of information apart from their registration number
2. 4000 active FCRA registered entities that have received over 8500 crores from 2010-11 to 2020-21 have not indicated where the money was utilized which may indicate a violation of FCRA Rule 13.
3. 254 FCRA registered entities in India have uploaded annual returns.
However, banks in their declaration to the Central Government have not identified the bank account held for the 254 entities. This may indicate a violation of Rule 13 & 16 of the FCRA Rules.
4. 7 FCRA registered entities whose registration under the FCRA Act was canceled in 2012 continued to receive foreign contributions in excess of 16 crores in the succeeding years. Similarly, 12 FCRA registered entities that were cancelled in 2015 received in excess of 8.6 crores in the years following their cancellation which may indicate a violation of Section 14 of the FCRA Act.

It is known that some of the biggest movements that were carried out in India are funded by foreign sources and funds. The anti CAA, Farmer’s protest, Khalistani movement (the recent blast in Punjab) , Mumbai Dawood Ibrahim links, Stone pelting are good examples of such funding. Not only social many commercial projects of the government are also stalled by foreign sources and funds. The case of STERLITE COPPER, part of the Vedanta group is a case in point. This plant has been closed for the last FOUR years and the case is still pending in the apex court for the last one year ( as per our information). The involvement of missionaries and even China has come to the fore in this case.

There are rumors of former PM Imran Khan’s involvement in selling a Baluchistan-based copper mine to China. China is trying to build a monopoly trade in many rare and essential commodities, thereby blackmailing the world and forcing them to sign pacts with them that help the imperial policies of the dragon. 

The missionary angle to such cases are also well known. The whole area from Chennai to down Madurai. Tuticorin., Tirunelveli, Nagercoil , Puducherry. Kanyakumari is a witness to these nefarious activities. Some known organizations and individuals like Samrendra Das,  Ms. Fatima Babu of the NGO Veeranganai, are well-known alleged conspirators in the case.

Funds from the CPSC’s program unit have allegedly been transferred to her. Other conspirators include Sahaya Joseph of Tuticorin Diocese Association, Jegath Gasper Raj of RISE and Nityanand Jayaraman of The Other Media who has allegedly transferred FCRA funds to Fathima babu for the agitations against the company.  Many of the state governments as well as media houses are also part of the game. 

Besides Sterlite other companies are also victims of such foreign funds. (https://www.dailypioneer.com/2014/state-editions/ib-exposes-intl-ngos-agenda-against-posco-vedanta.html

There has been a continuous Tug of war that goes on between the government and the MGOs and their highly paid lawyers. To give a figure there was a loss of Rs 720 crore to NGOs in the year 19-20 because of denial of getting money through FCRA license. (https://www.bqprime.com/business/ngos-lost-in-the-fcra-maze). 

Therefore the nexus between MHA officials, Media houses, and NGOs should not come as a surprise or shock to anyone. 


The government and especially the Ministry of Home Affairs must keep the pressure on the NGOs and their nefarious activities. Once the legal means come under pressure they will be forced to take illegal routes like Havala and nexus with government officials. This should make it easy for the government to get them under the law and punish them accordingly. 

2. Some more teeth need to be given to the agencies like IB and CBI for nailing down the violators and punish them

3. The punishment and penalty of the violators must be raised heavily so that they act as deterrents rather than take it trivially. 

4. The Govt has to sound international agencies and countries of such activities especially America, UK and some others, which raise human rights issue against the nation. 

5. All cases pending in High court and Supreme court must be hastened and closed at the earliest. The delays in the courts are also standard tactics adopted by the FCRA violators and conspirators to push their agenda. An agile judiciary is the need of the hour. The government must notify the Registrar and CJI for the same. 

6. Foreign Funding has become a major source of creating disturbances in the country and stall its development. The government has to take this at a priority level and send notifications to state governments to keep a tight track on all such activities. Unfortunately states like Bengal. Jharkhand, North East, Maharastra, Tamilnadu and Kerela are mostly under opposition-ruled parties and have large fcra violations and conspiracies. Hon’ble HM must call a meeting of the state CMs to tackle such risks that are anti-national and dangerous. 

Note: Issued in National interest.

Dr Asheesh Shah
with best wishes


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