FCRA violations is a deep malice that need to be investigated asap. National / International conspirators are trying to hamper PM Modi’s vision of Atma NIrbhar BHarat

FCRA violations is deep malice that needs to be investigated asap. National / International conspirators are trying to hamper PM Modi’s vision of Atma NIrbhar Bharat

Disclaimer: This is an independently written article by the author without allegiance to any political party, ideology or government. 

Just a few days back, we had written a blog on FCRA (http://samanvaya.org.in/fcra-violations-and-growing-anti-national-activities-govt-has-to-be-proactive/) and we thought that we will write on it only after a while. However, the continuous news that is coming to us from various sources has shaken us from inside and we are convinced that this FCRA malice is not as simple as it seems on the surface i.e nexus between NGOs and MHA officials. There is deeper malice that is running in the country, mainly to hamper PM Modi’s vision of Atma Nirbhar Bharat and of course challenge his prospects in 2024 parliamentary elections. 

We will try to provide some insights into these malicious but would request the government to be alert and proactive. There is a need to investigate the FCRA violation cases and conspirators seriously and plug the gaps that are wide and open for these anti-India lobbyists. The international angle to such a conspiracy must ALSO BE INVESTIGATED. The recent comments by WHO is an indication of how anti-India/Modi forces are trying hard to damage the nation. 
Let us start by one news that has come up in Free Press of  Journal a low profile but respected and fair newspaper – https://www.freepressjournal.in/india/fcra-renewal-scam-cbi-books-mha-official-tamil-nadus-top-orthopaedic-surgeon

On the tip, this news looks to be innocuous. An orthopedic surgeon and MHA official involved in FCRA crimes. However, we request our esteem readers to read again and get to the bottom of this seemingly simple news. First of all check the scope of the news. Its spread across the nation and some rather sensitive states. Second, some official inside the very important and critical MHA involved in the conspiracy game implies clearly the number of bribes and funds that are involved. For sure no one would risk his / her career for few thousand or even Lakhs. Here the implication is clearly in crores. 

Third, the raids exposed the missionary involvement in such nefarious activities. Check these names that have been given in one of the newspapers:-  ” Representatives of Ayries Multipurpose Social Service Society, Centre for Tribal and Rural Development Trust, Mohammad Jahangirabad Educational Trust, Christian Life Centre Ministries, Harvest India, Reformed Presbyterian Church North East India, Nayi Roshni Foundation and Omidyar have been booked in the FIR.”   (https://www.cnbctv18.com/india/fcra-violations-cbi-arrests-14-people–recovers-rs-321-crore-during-its-searches-at-40-locations-13453292.htm). 

Therefore the question arises why do the missionaries and other similar organizations want funds so desperately ? and to what purpose do they want to deploy it. We are of the opinion that the investigation team from NIA, CBI, and IN must look into such questions and get to the bottom of the case. 

Coming back to the question, these funds are not just meant for conversion purposes a sis largely believed. Maybe a quarter of the funds is for conversions and religious purposes but the major reasons for the inflow of such funds in the country and the desperation of NGOs to get them Yen. Ken , Prakren is the urgency to disrupt the nation before 2024 starts. These disruptions happen in multiple ways. Yesterday we have written that corporate espionage and disruption is also one of the reason and the case of Sterlite Copper – A Vedanta group company, Posco and even Reliance, Adani, and others – https://www.financialexpress.com/opinion/business-disruption-in-india-tilting-at-windmills/2333789/

But again these are just the tip of the iceberg. One has to understand the motive behind all such work and not just pinpoint one specific industry or organization. It is because of this reason that the Government has to be very alert and proactive. These NGOs, missionaries and others are just conduits and ground teams for the disruptions, the main anchors sit behind and watch. 

Readers would know the protests that gathered during the CAA and farmers’ protests. One would wonder why someone like Greta Thunberg should get involved in such protests which has nothing to do with climate change. One must also look the supply chain disruptions during the present Ukraine – Russia crisis. China which sees itself as a major warehouse of important world commodities and the manufacturing lab of everything from needles to big machinery is an important factor in this regard. 

China and its leader Xi, is a country that will not repeat the story and modus operandi of Russia and Putin. There are fundamental differences between China and Russia that the world must be aware of. Russia is trying to regain its earlier states while China is looking to enlarge its influence. Russia has used huge arms and ammunition with a direct aggression which China may be averse of. China likes to play the game more subtly , at times using principles of Art of War and Confucianism. Therefore it has used the Infrastructure (OBOR) and the economic model to be a superpower. Its here that we have to pay attention. 

WE are looking at the FCRA violations as simple violations with minor tasks and objectives which is a big folly. When the inflow of funds is in hundreds of crores of rupee it cannot be that simple. The race here is to capture the global markets and power through a mix of economics and threats. China is already the king of determining metal prices. ( https://www.cnbc.com/2017/03/01/china-is-now-calling-the-shots-in-metal-commodity-pricing.html ) . 
Few years back, Fang chairman of China’s security exchange board said,  ”[China] is facing the chance of a lifetime to become a global pricing center for commodities,”  adding “it would be a historic mistake not to grasp the rare opportunity”. The future trade market at the Shanghai Future Exchange (SHFE) market has grown tremendously shaking the traditional metal exchanges like the London Metal exchange and other hotspots. The idea is to capture the global commodity trade market and through it fulfill the imperial dream. 

As a starting point to understand the Chinese plan of hegemony and dreams one can start with the book- “Dancing with the Giants: China, India and the Global Economy” , by Winters, Alan and Yusuf. . Though the book covers India too reader would do well to focus on China. One another book that we recommend for our readers is : ” The 100 year Marathon- China’s secret strategy to replace America as a global power”. 

These two books will give a basic idea about the Chinese grandiose plans and why India is still nowhere in terms of understanding let alone strategy, plan, and execution. We are still clueless about the size and scope of the Games that are being fought in a new emerging world order whose contours are not clear yet. This new world order will have Commodities a the Best Bet against any enemy and threatening country not to talk about vulnerable countries. 

It is with all these references that we suggest that the FCRA violations are deep malice and menace that need to be exposed to the core and bottom. It will require dedicated and focused efforts and not just in bits and pieces. It has to be unraveled from different angles and perspectives only then the government will be able to know and understand. Due to lack of space, we have tried to provide some clues and will continue to do so in days to come. But then its a bigger responsibility of the government and take suitable actions both preventive and punishable. 

Dr Asheesh Shah
with best wishes
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