Gyanwapi and Other temple -mosque issues. let’s not go overboard. Govt must preempt the growing frenzy by the intervention


Gyanwapi and Other temple -mosque issues. let’s not go overboard. Govt must preempt the growing frenzy by the intervention

Disclaimer: This is an independently written article by the author without allegiance to any political party, ideology or government. 

There is a legitimate case of many of the Hindu temples that were converted by the fanatic Aurangzeb and some other Mughals. India is the only country and Hindus are perhaps the only religion that could tolerate such traumatic experiences for centuries and decades. It was because of the Maratha warriors that 7 out of the 12 current Jyotirlingas including Kashi Vishwanath, Trimbakeshwar Mahakaleshwar (Ujjain) Somnath,  were rebuilt mainly by Ahilya Bai Holkar, Bajirao and others. It just reminds how low the present state of Marathas and Maharashtra has gone. 
Coming to the main theme, new claims for the restoration of temples from mosques are being heard and contested almost on a daily basis. The most important one or rather eyes catching was the Tajmahal where a petitioner has asked to unlock the 22 rooms of the Tajmahal. The petition was filed in Allahabad HIgh court on the belief that the rooms contains artifacts belonging to Hindus that could prove that the place originally belonged to Hindus and in fact was a temple which was subsequently taken over by Shahjehan and the Tajmahal which is basically a mosque /  kabrakhana was built. 

Today there is a news coming from Rajpura that a SIKH serai is being claimed by certain scetion of the society which is a mosque presently. Many other such claims have surfaced. The issue was also raised by Al Zazeera a prominent media house of Gulf. ( 

 A complete list of temples that are under Islamic occupation can be found in this comphensive PDF document ( and a good article on the same can be read here –

The latest news coming on television channels is saying the apex court will take up the issue tomorrow for a hearing on an appeal by Muslim bodies which has challenged the lower courts of Varanasi which allowed the surveys in the first place. Earlier the supreme court has issued some orders for maintaining the status quo of the temple/mosque. 
We are of the opinion that this is the right time for the government to intervene in the issues and must not leave everything to the supreme court to decide as there are much high higher stakes involved. It must constitute a 3 members committee which should have one member each from Hindu , Muslim and one some other community. This commiittee must present a comprehensive report to the government on the various temples / mosques that are being claimed by the Hindus and should be empowered to go deep into them and find the truth. Once the report is tabled the government can make it public and once again through a mediation process involving members from various communities try to fiind solutions on each of the disputed site. 

This exercise can be done before the crucial 2024 elections. This will also not allow the supreme court to interefere in religious issue sthat are sentimental to the Hindus as law is rather blind to take up such issues. It may see things from its own perspectives. Moreover the numerous claims atht are coming up requires a wise and balanced approach that is acceptable to most of the people if not all. 

Religious issues are always very emotional, sentimental and hence complicated and complex. Many Muslim politicians have already raised the bar and one of them has openly said that if the Muslim youth comes out on road the situation will become uncontrollable. Owaisi the AIMIM chief is also uttering many foolish statements that he should not as a senior leader of the community. Of course, these are blatant threats but they do create poison in the environment. 

The government can remain a mute spectator and leave everything for the courts to decide. Also, such a barge of claims dilutes the more important and serious claims of the Hindus for Mathura Krishna Janma Bhoomi as well as the present Gyanwapi issue. The apex court might make a decision that may not be helpful and can put at risk all such claims that can be rightfully taken by Hindus in the future bit with patience. It is time for the central government to get into the arena. 

Dr Asheesh Shah
with best wishes

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