Historic Decision: Rahul Gandhi Disqualification: – Case of misfit.. This order will strengthen Democracy and the country


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Rahul Gandhi Disqualification: – Case of misfit.. This order will strengthen Democracy and the country

Many educated people don’t wish to enter politics because there is so much dirt in it that

they fear their hard-earned reputation will be lost, plus tensions and whatnot. So one

has to be really thick-skinned to enter politics or remain an observer. This has been true

for almost 3- 4 decades when things started going down. And that has changed the

destiny of the country as many good people stayed away while many others who didnt

deserve made gold. ( note: educated means Good people with Sanskars).

The manner in which politics is degraded by the day is a known phenomenon and its

an international phenomenon so we dont wish to place only India as the culprit. But

since we are Indian citizens we need to talk on Indian politics.

Let us put our verdict first then will talk on Rahul Gandhi and everything. We are of the

the opinion that this is a historic decision and will strengthen democracy. WE have been

advocating strong laws and rules for the nation. And not just politics but for everything.

The manner in which things have been taken for granted is really a shame. Murders,

Rapes, Corruption, Love Hihad, Sir tan se kalam, Communal violence, illegal

constructions from madarsas to everything, Loudspeakers Ajans, Street Namaj, and

what not.

Therefore this verdict that has come from a sessions court in Surat needs to be

applauded for multiple reasons. First congratulations to the honorable judge that he

didn’t look at the face of the accused and announced his judgment without malice and

fear. Second, this will act as an apt case to show to the country and its citizens that no

one is above law, even the most dreaded surname “Gandhi”. And third, it will help in

making some decorum in society and esp politics.

We remember a statement made by Akhilesh Yadav another spoiled kid in politics who

said, ” Mai shudro se bat nahi karta”. Now what kind of politics is this ? In our opinion

anyone who uses caste and religion for self purpose in politics is the worst kind of

person and enemy of the nation. Our country is very very fragile, especially because of

its multi-layered caste and socio economic status of its citizens. Therefore to kick on

such wounds is the biggest crime that one can make.

Therefore what Rahul Gandhi did could not be pardoned. He not only blamed PM

‘Modi’ but all the Modi’s of the world. Even I have some of my relatives who are

Doctors and well-placed citizens of country. Will Rahul Gandhi and all those defending

him unashamedly will apologize to them for no fault of theirs.

Some advocates and politicians are accusing Modi of creating FEAR. Yes indeed but

FEAR of LAW which is necessary in any country. And especially in democracy else we

call it as a banana republic which even Robert Vadra have said once the country to be.

We talked of Rahul and Akhilesh, but there is another political animal who thinks he is

smarter than the rest. He is none other than Arvind Kejriwal who today made a

a statement that is as low as possible. This so called IIT alumnus says that PM MOdi is

“ANPADH” and need to be thrown out. Now what kind of educated person can make

such stupid statements. i think not an educated but certainly, any IDIOT can make it.

Therefore this is a much needed verdict that will perhaps help the country and its

citizens and leaders to be more polite and law abiding.

As far as Rahul Gandhi is concerned he deserves some plus points for fighting

politically for past 9 years. These are good learning curve for him. Despite the plus and

minuses of Bharat Jodo yatra we appreciate his enthusiasm and the way he walked

across the country. BUt all said he needs to be in control of himself with good political

advisors. His speech at Cambridge, Oxford and useless statements in the country makes

him a like a kid who has gone out of way. This is neither political maturity nor sound

leadership. This is what we say ” Awara ” in Hindi , to be uncontrolled and without

restraint, discipline, and Swa Vivek.


We advise Rahul Gandhi to be introspective. There will be many who will try to ride

on his back and will throw him out once he becomes useless for Politics as said

earlier is a dirty business, may be dirty than the world’s oldest profession. But than that

is how it is. And to be successful in politics one has to be really skilled and artful. YOu

can say the same thing in multiple ways. If one is not happy with PM Modi express

yourself in other ways. sIf you are desperately fighting Modi find other and better ways.

All the luck and best wishes to you. BUt do it patiently and in a nice manner.

We all owe to the nation and strengthening the nation is our biggest duty and

responsibility. NO one is above nation and laws of the nation. Let us respect it and

strengthen the nation.

Note: this is written without any malice towards any individual or party or ideology. IN

the best interest of one and all and also the nation.

Best Wishes

Dr Asheesh Shah


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