India can take up Biological warfare issue at the United Nations for now and future and as a precaution . Second a national health emergency be declared.


The world will not be the same again. Something sinister happened between oct – November 2019 and the months thereafter. Further as the world was seeing a receding virus, it erupted again with full force in March and April in the country catching everyone on the wrong foot and by surprise and shock .

While the conspiracy theorists suggest that it was a man made disaster it will never be proved. But for a second lets assume that it was a man made disaster or what is called a Biological weapon and the second time India and PM Modi were chosen as special targets , while in the first the target were the United States and former president Trump.

In investigating any murder the detective or police always try to find a reason or motive of the murder or who gets to benefit the most. Once the motive is established its not difficult to identify the guilty. In the case of Corona virus there are multiple motives that can be added to corroborate what the conspiracy theorists are suggesting. As a starting point to understand what the conspiracy theorists are saying we suggest this paper [1] to our readers.

As a second reference we would like our readers attention to an interview of Dr Francis Boyle, creator of BioWeapons Act, admitted that the 2019 Wuhan Coronavirus is an offensive Biological Warfare Weapon and that the World Health Organization (WHO) already knows about it.[2] . There are other theorists too who say the same [2]. Prof Boyle is at University of Illinois and is a Harvard trained Law professional . However he does not have any degree in Virology.

We would like the reader’s attention to a third reference which is a less known website [3] which makes a number of startling and shocking disclosures that may not be known to many.

Finally there are posts on social media and elsewhere as to why the second wave of the virus has not appeared in Pakistan, Bangla Desh , Sri Lanka and Afghanistan, Burma ie all our neighbours. So is there something that we are missing.

Such concerns have also been raised by J.R. Nyquist, the well known author of the books “Origins of the Fourth World War” and “The Fool and His Enemy,” as well as co-author of “The New Tactics of Global War”. In his insightful article he published secret speechs given to high-level Communist Party cadres by Chinese Defense Minister Gen. Chi Haotian explaining a long-range plan for ensuring a Chinese national renaissance – the catalyst for which would be China’s secret plan to weaponize viruses [4,5].


If there is an iota of truth in all the claims made by these theorists and investigators then there is a need for the matter to be discussed in the United Nations. Even if the theory remains a conspiracy theory then also the issue can be raised at the United Nations to prevent nothing of the sort happening in the future. Human life is very precious and we have to go together infinitely. There is no way , no logic, no rational or anything that can justify the usage of biological warfare. Sanity has to prevail and the United Nations is the best organization where it can be taken up and discussed.

India is ill equipped to handle any catastrophe of this magnitude. Its not just medical infra, ICUs and deaths but also human psychology and panic. Last but not least there is the economy. IN other words the stakes are too high for anything like this to happen. WE have to take a lesson now whether or not it was a man made tragedy or natural outcome of some mutation IN seafood market in China.

The stakes are too high and we are not just talking about government. It’s an existential question for us. We urge the government to take the issue with all its seriousness and don’t leave anything for chances and God. As human beings we have to take our own decisions and protect our own lives and nations.

The important point about biological weapons is as the Forbes says in one of the articles [4], “The other important thing this pandemic has demonstrated is that once the genie escapes the bottle, it is nearly impossible to put it back in. We lose control and the results are unpredictable. This is one reason the US got out of the bioweapon business when President Nixon shut down the weapons development program in 1969 and decided to focus solely on defensive measures. It is only a matter of time until we face this type of challenge again – either from mother nature or an adversary. Now is the time to shore up the vulnerabilities in our preparedness and response that this pandemic has laid bare. Time is not on our side”.

While we may not be able to truly identify whether we have been hit by a bio weapon or nature weapon the hard truth is we are into a pretty ugly situation which will last atleast for some more time. No government big or small advance or otherwise isd or will be in a position to handle such calamity.

We therefore request the government to make appropriate strategy through top level discussions and also international dialogues and bring the issue for discussion at the United Nations. There is no need to take names or point fingers, But the issue can be taken just on the basis of our horrible experiences and security of the nation. The international community has to shed its inhibitions and discuss the issue to prevent any mishap or deliberate attempt in the future.

Meanwhile India has to clamp down a medical emergency and get its top team working effectively. There are bottlenecks at the top and decision making has been affected. There is also misinformation and false narratives being developed by vested interests.



Asheesh Shah

Author: Samanvaya

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