The Government of India has notified the establishment of the National Turmeric Board


The National Turmeric Board was officially notified on October 4, 2023, by the Government of India. The National Turmeric Board will focus on the growth and improvement of turmeric and turmeric products in the country.

The National Turmeric Board will take the lead on matters pertaining to turmeric, increase efforts, and support better collaboration with the Spices Board and other Government agencies in order to develop and grow the turmeric sector.

The Board will take advantage of the considerable potential and interest in the health and wellness benefits of turmeric to further increase awareness and consumption, create new international markets to increase exports, encourage research and development into new products, and build on our traditional knowledge for value-added turmeric products.

It will pay particular attention to the capacity and skill development of turmeric growers in order to maximise the benefits of value addition. The Board will also encourage the adoption of quality and food safety standards. The Board will also take action to further protect and effectively utilise turmeric’s potential benefits for humanity.

Through their focused and committed attention to the sector and the increased value addition closer to the farms, which would provide the producers with better realisation for their produce, the Board’s operations will contribute towards improved well-being and success of the turmeric growers.

Our growers and processors will continue to hold a dominant position in the international markets as exporters of high-quality turmeric and turmeric products thanks to the Board’s activities in research, market development, growing consumption, and value addition.

The Board will have a Chairperson who will be chosen by the Central Government, members from the Ministries of AYUSH, Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, Commerce & Industry, senior State Government representatives from three states (on a rotating basis), select national/state institutions engaged in research, representatives of turmeric farmers and exporters, and a Secretary who will be chosen by the Department of Commerce.

India is the largest producer, consumer, and exporter of turmeric in the world. In FY23, an area of 3.24 lakh ha was under turmeric cultivation in India with a production of 11.61 lakh tonnes (over 75% of global turmeric production). In India, turmeric is grown in more than 20 states and is grown in more than 30 different varieties. The largest producing states of Turmeric are Maharashtra, Telangana, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu.

India has more than 62% share of world trade in turmeric. During 2022-23, 1.534 lakh tonnes of turmeric and turmeric products valued at US$ 207.45 million were exported by more than 380 exporters. Bangladesh, the UAE, the UAE, and Malaysia are the top destinations for Indian turmeric exports. By 2030, it is anticipated that turmeric exports will exceed US$ 1 billion, with focused activities of the Board.

Disclaimer: This information has been collected through secondary research and IBEF is not responsible for any errors in the same.


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