China is getting aggresive in south china seas


China carried out major naval exercises + encircled Taiwan last week:

– Largest-ever drills simulating a blockade
– 20+ warships deployed, a new single-day record
– Massive ADIZ violation, 160+ planes detected
– 3x Surface Action Groups participate

China’s Navy conducted its largest-ever naval exercises in the Western Pacific, east of Taiwan—unscheduled, unannounced, & unprecedented.

The PLAN deployed 20+ warships to the waters around Taiwan, a new daily record, & likely simulating a blockade.

In a massive violation, 161 Chinese warplanes were detected operating around Taiwan—& 86 crossed into Taiwan’s air defense zone.

Flight ops included:

– Unusual & never-before-seen flight paths
– Longer time behind the lines
– Increased drone activity
– 60+ carrier sorties.

Chinese media said the “blitz exercises” were characterized by the large scale, joint operations, & short duration.

“The PLA is able to deploy powerful, intensive forces in very large scale & finish their mission within a short period.”

Forces from the Southern + Eastern Theater Command involved.

Neither the Chinese defense ministry nor the PLA announced the maneuvers or since commented on them.

PLA naval activity has increased significantly around Taiwan since April 2023.


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