Mistaking enemy drone for own led to death of 3 US troops in Jordan: Report


The soldiers stationed at Tower 22 US Army post in northeastern Jordan might have mistaken the enemy drone that killed three troop members for an American one.

Officials suggested this possibility, citing primary investigation details, as one of their drones was scheduled to return to the facility.

These details emerged after the US conducted a primary probe to determine exactly why the nearly 350 troops at the base in Jordan were unable to stop the drone.

As the drone allegedly launched by an Iranian militant group, Islamic Resistance, was flying in at a low altitude, a US drone was also returning to the Army post. The soldiers thought that the drone was their own and hence there was no effort to shoot down the enemy drone that hit the outpost, officials told news agency Associated Press.

In the attack that took place on Sunday, three US soldiers were killed, and nearly 40 personnel were injured when militants struck the military base that serves as a critical logistical hub for US forces in Syria. This was the biggest aggression against US forces in the Middle East since the Israel-Hamas conflict started on October 7.

In a promising response to the Iranian groups, US President Joe Biden asserted, “We will hold all those responsible to account at a time and in a manner of our choosing”. The Pentagon is exploring methods for striking back, and the retaliatory attacks will reportedly launch within a couple of days.

Meanwhile, Iran has rejected the allegations of having any links with the militants, stating that they do not take orders from the Islamic Republic.

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