Chinese scientists create chip that can perform AI task 3,000 times faster than Nvidia’s A100: study

Zhang Tongin Beijing
  • The light-based chip can only perform selected tasks at present such as image recognition, but can operate much faster than current products on the market
  • China is currently scrambling to catch up with the US in the AI race after being denied access to some key pieces of technology

Chinese scientists have produced a chip that is significantly faster and more energy efficient than current high-performance AI chips when it comes to performing some tasks such as image recognition and autonomous driving, according to a new study.

Although the new chip cannot immediately replace those used in devices such as computers or smartphones, it may soon be used in wearable devices, electric cars or smart factories and help boost China’s competitiveness in the mass application of artificial intelligence, researchers wrote in a paper published in the journal Nature.
The country is scrambling to catch up in the AI race with the United States after Washington introduced a series of curbs on China’s access to technology, including advanced chips.
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