TRAI recommends regulatory framework for AI


TRAI recommends regulatory framework for AI

Recently Telecomm regulatory Authority of India , TRAI came out with a regulatory framework on Artificial Intelligence. (See below).

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We are of the opinion that the scientific community of the country must go through this and give feedback as well as suggestions to the govt as AI is a very critical theme in terms of strategic and development point of view.

Hence we are providing some material screened ftom the ney for those of you interested and do some homework. This may not be extensive but sufficient. Readers are advised to dig on their own for extra and latest updates.

1.recommendation by OECD.

2. Good brief report by The Economist

3. UNESCO RECO,human%20oversight%20of%20AI%20systems

4.US NCBI reco.

5.Brookings report in 2018

6. EU report




8. read below about Trai reco. In general.

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