Jupiter’s movement into Capricorn : some astro analysis


The Indo- China standoff continues in eastern Ladakh albeit with less aggression as per reports. Eight round talk is also over where as both countries are still looking to find a settled peaceful way out of the present positioning. It can be seen easy to get into war but not easy to pull out of it. Let’s take a quick view of what all is happening in the skies and their impact on geo political situations.

The two main planets Jupiter and Saturn responsible for India and China stand off are now changing their positions. Jupiter will move into Capricorn some time today from Sagittarius while Saturn resumed direct motion on 29th september and will be at 5 degree capricorn soon. In a month’s time Jupiter will be covering this 5 degrees of gap and will pass over saturn as Jupiter is a faster planet than saturn. We expect this to be a positive development for India. We are also of the opinion that India may achieve some landmark goal as Devguru Brishaspat places his blessing on Saturn, a planet that somehow also rules India.

The crossing of Jupiter over Saturn is a very important development for the Indo China relationship and must be watched carefully. Jupiter finally takes over Saturn on 21st December. This means that the risk on the borders is not over yet. However the guard has to be maintained with all vigilance and alertness. This will prove to be positive for the country.

Saturn being a tough task master some hardship and serious issues cannot be ruled out. The country therefore has to remain tight for some developments that we will elaborate later.

The movement of Jupiter into Capricorn does not bode well for China and the world will see some negative news flowing out of the tightly controlled regime going forward, in our opinion.

Among others, Mars is moving from Pisces and will continue to make Pak bleed.

The movement of Saturn and Jupiter from Capricorn is very critical for the next two years. Saturn is a slow movement planet and will take 2 and half years to move while Jupiter will take one year . Capricorn is an earthly sign and denotes consolidation. Saturn is the owner of capricorn. Some good initiatives for the lower class Dalit, Farmers, labourers can be initiated. Since Jupiter is there it will make sure that they are in the interest of these communities.

Rahu and Ketu are going from the 1- 7 axis of Indian horoscope. The environment will remain highly sensitive for another one year and a quarter. Religious leaders and others should be careful on what they say.

Rest of the planets will move fast from one sign to another in a month – two months time on average.


The movement of Jupiter into Capricorn is auspicious for the country. However it will also make sure that the country is ready for some hardship on multiple accounts. The coldness with respect to neighbours will continue or increase once Jupiter moves out of capricorn. Therefore the government has to be careful with respect to neighbours that include the smaller ones and not just Pakistan or China.

Overall an important period of 2 and half years has just commenced. lets tighten the seat belts and remain alert for any development impacting the world and of course us.

Asheesh Shah

Asheesh Shah
Author: Asheesh Shah

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