Killing of Minorities and Terror is Unacceptable: Events in Bangladesh getting out of control , must tighten its laws


The problems with small nations is that if the leadership is not strong than there are always chances that the country might be hijacked and taken to a different direction of terror and internal wars. In recent times more and more atrocities are being carried out against the minorities and especially the Hindus of Bangladesh ( Similar incidents have been taking place in Bangladesh more often than not. And as they become more frequent, India cannot remain a mute spectator.
While the country was reeling under the after effects and apathy towards the minorities another incident came last night on Friday as there was an attack on a popular restaurant and took foreigners as hostages. ( ).
In its annual Human rights report 2015, United Nations provides critical inputs to areas and countries that merits attention and where Human rights are going for a toss in extreme conditions of human sufferings.
For Bangladesh, The 2015 report says, “The trend toward increasing restrictions on civil society continued, with the government introducing a draft bill that imposes restrictions on already beleaguered nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and their access to foreign funding. The government also introduced a new media policy that imposes unacceptable limits on free expression and speech. …
Supporters of the opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party and the Jamaat-e-Islami party threw petrol bombs to enforce strikes and economic blockades. Before and after the January election 2015, attackers also vandalized homes and shops owned by members of Bangladesh’s Hindu and Christian communities”.
These attacks have been continuing especially on Hindu community and priests who have got nothing to do with Bangladeshi Politics and internal affairs. A similar situation is on the rise in Pakistan also which we shall take in a separate post.
After the attack on Rana Plaza garment hub in Dhaka, this attack shows that the IS is trying to increase its shadow in the region. (
It is clear that the Govt Led by Sheikh Hasina has not been successful in taming the extremist forces of the country and is failing short of measures that need to be taken.
India should use its diplomatic and other sources to get in touch with the Bangladesh and offer a joint mechanism to curb extremism in the sub continent. This should include not only Bangladesh but also Nepal , Sri lanka and all other countries whose security affects India directly or indirectly. Later the framework can be taken to other south East countries too to fight terror. (
As ISIS keep rising in the sub continent, INDIA NEEDS TO TAKE proactive steps The threat to India emanates from various quarters. While pitching the ante at the UN the hon’ble PM has known India’s intention to curb global terrorism however it also has to work on bilateral, multilateral and regional forums too (( ).
Smaller countries cannot afford to fight terror on its own and it is important that India offers its expertise to them in various manners so that the threat can be dealt effectively.
Recently India signed a treaty with Iran for taming terror ( which is a step in the right direction.
The ministry of external affairs has also stakes in the terror threat as it affects its relations with foreign countries ( . The ministry of home affairs is also an important partner in this and so it the defense ministry.
A round table meet of al the stake holders need to be called to discuss the important matter and necessary action be taken at the earliest.
It does not pay to keep burning fire in your back yard and we expect ministers and secretary of all the concerned ministries and departments to take the issue with utmost seriousness.

Asheesh Shah
Author: Asheesh Shah

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