Revisiting K.M. Munshi’s Majestic Vision for Writing India’s History


In its heroic majesty, this vies with the vision that Swami Vivekananda experienced at Kanyakumari. In its execution, it is comparable to the great Swami’s pilgrimage of Bharatavarsha, and in its fulfilment, Kulapati K.M. Munshi, like Vivekananda, sculpted an everlasting heritage of the history of Bharatavarsha. A sculpture finely chiseled by an army of first-rate scholars who translated Munshi’s vision into an eleven-volume marvel.

His conception of the “form, continuity and meaning of India’s past” throbbed with the same impulse that birthed the Sanatana civilization. Accordingly, this history would not only be that “India’s past might be described by her sons, but also that the world might catch a glimpse of her soul as Indians see it.”

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