Never ending Hindu Muslim divide, stone pelting , love jihad .Is there a way out for India ??


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01 April 2023

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Founder: Dr. Asheesh Shah
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Never ending Hindu Muslim divide, stone pelting , love jihad .Is there a way out for India ??

With Ram Navami celeberations taking place in the country there were reports of stone pelting and other communal violence in various cities. Vadodara, Howrah being among them. This is rather an annual ritual. Last time it happened in Madhya Pradesh and also New Delhi. And then came the bulldozers to erase the houses
of miscreants. While the bulldozing did have some effect both on the ground and
politically – as opposition members and citizens from one community targetting it as a
brutal means to curb violence, – neverthless it served the purpose . We would call it as a
temporary quick fix solution rather than a long term lasting policy.

Bengal has been one of the state which has been caught in this cross fire dangerously. If
something does not happen positively there can be consequences that are
unimaginable. There has been complete collapse of Faith and system both necessary
for a vibrant democracy. Bengal is not the only state. There are problems in Kerela and
others too. The country has to fix this as soon as possible or be prepared for the worst
scenarios. In a previous post* we have said that we need to BUILD a SPIRITUAL

BHARAT in this AMRITKAL which is the only way to secure the nation going


India has been caught in an ugly divide for many centuries or around 1000 years when
the country was invaded by Khilji, Babar and many others. Though the
nation has faced attack by many others including Alexander but the major impact that
the country had on its soul, mind and body was because of this 1000 years where not
only the Mughals but also the Britishers slaved the mindset of the country and made it

Now though Amritkal has begun, and will be celeberated in 2047, shadow of this slavery continues in multiple ways. One of them is the vast divide between the
Hindus and Muslims of the country even after a part of the country was bifurcated into

Pakistan. Who so ever had this idea pf secularism was a first class idealist who could
never understand the reality on the ground i.e. Hindus and Muslims are 180 degrees
apart culturally and to make them sit side by side and smile is just like asking the north
pole and south pole to merge at one point.

We are not trying to be communal, pessimist or non secular. We beleive in all religion
nothing but the path to attain God and hence equal. But the cultural divide is so wide
that it makes
the whole thing rather difficult to assimilate. Moreover this can be taken as a worst
case scenario for any country and therefore there is a need to find solutions that can
help the nation. Why to pretend ‘Bhaichara’ where its none , so better to find solutions
considering that there cannot be any ‘Bhaichara’ or Ganga Jamuna Tehjeeb as someone
would like to term it.


We are taking this as the worst case scenario and trying to figure out solutions. The first
solution that comes to mind is Having a System that does not see people or religion but
is as FAIR as it can be. In fact we are supposed to be run that way only by our
constitution but which has been distorted and exploited by some of our leaders and
political parties and all that we dont wish to name. Hence we are in a mess. We have a
constitution that says we are supposed to be Secular but we dont have a SYSTEM to
enforce it. Yes we have an independent judiciary and a law enforcing police force but
it seems that this SYSTEM has been compromised and therefore we find ourselves
falling in a never ending deep pit. Please mind that we are not blaming anyone
including the politciains or political parties , let alone the judges or the police. We are
just trying to convey what we read and watch in our media in an unbiased manner.

Therefore we need a SYSTEM that cannot be compromised in the FIRST place.
So we have to basically make sure that the SYSYTEM works. Democracy is inherently
weak as it allows everyone to do whatever one wants but then that is not the problem.
The problem is when the SYSTEM allows you to go scot free even if u have been
caught in corruption, rape, murders and other form of malpractices. Its here that we
have fallen short and have weakened the system.

The Americans and many other Democracies also have similar SYSTEMS like us .

BUt they have a system that works effectively. There are also all forms of corruptions
and malpractices but their SYSTEM makes sure that everyone is given a fAIR TRIAL.

Why go that far, we also have some our institutions and organizations in the country
that are run better with the help of self driven systems. Take the IITs which have their

own systems. Take some of the military run cantontment areas that run absolutely fine.
One can see the difference as soon as one step in these premises. What is the common
point in these self driven systems. Its DISCIPLINE and well written procedures that
apply for one and all. We dont say they are also free from all sort of malpractices but
they are far better than many others and therefore need to be replicated.

If we can have such organizations in the country that have well defined SYSTEM and
can be run effieciently without major breakdowns why cant they be done for the nation
as a whole.

We are lacking in some of these practices and hence our NATIONAL SYSTEM of
GOVERNANCE is getting weak by the day.

Essentially it means we have to STRENGTHEN our law and order and enforcing
agencies. We need more DISCIPLINE and WELL lAID OFF RULES AND

We need strong laws that are well defined and are updated. We
cant run a country as big and diveerse like us with archaic laws that are more than 50
years old . Did anyone hear that a BOY cuts his GIRL FRIEND into pieces and
keeps that in a refrigerator. Did someone hear that a person is threatened with terms
like Tan sir se juda etc. We dont think so all this was ever heard and therefore we need

laws that are updated and in tune with times.
That is the first ACTION that need to be taken care of. TAKE A COMPLETE REVIEW of LAWs and reform /update them as per the need of the hour.

Second we need very strong enforcing agencies. Now we are no constitutional experts
but we can clearly see the state and central divide in terms of administration and other
issues. These clumsy division has to be removed. We should have clear thresholds

where we can say that a State government has failed to protect citizens of any caste or
religion and where center can step in without delay.

In other words we need a well defined FRAMEWORK which can be filled with neutral
observers and officers or may be computerised to make it more neutral. Once the
threhold is crossed in terms of law and order situation the center must get automatic
rights to step in to control the sutuation.

This is what is needed in west Bengal. It is really painful to see the state administration
closing eyes while one community keeps pelting stone on Ramnavami celeberations or

similar anti social activities. It is terrifying to hear all the horrific stories that keeps
coming out of Bengal.

Consider a FRAMEWORK that accounts for every stone , every fire , murder and takes
a decision in a more transpraent and neutral way. That can solve all our problems.

We need to develop a TIGHT SYSTEM that is FAIR and TRANSPARENT with equal

laws for one all. It should be supported by equally effective LAW ENFORCING
AGENCIES that can act without taking orders from above.

And last but not least if anyone falters in his line of duty then there has to be strict
penalties and punishments. The judiciary must be also made accountable. The
collegium system has to be revieved for better intake without prejudice. Judiciary is animportant pillar of any democratic system and it can’t be allowed to be run by a cartel or
dominated by the government. It should hold its image as the last resort for any citizen of
the country built on TRUST .


WE have tried to put up a solution to stop the continuous weakning of the country
through various forces and means. In order to control this degradation we propose that
a TIGHT SYSTEM which is the need of the hour. WE have also put a proposal for developing a FRAMEWORK that can help state center relations in a most fair and transparent manner. Democracy allows freedom to all and hence is inherently vunerable to all malpractices and exploitation by vested and unscrupolous people and organizations. To protect the SYSTEM we also need strong penalties and punishments.

Fortunately we have a government led by PM Modi who is the best fit to drive these changes supported by the Sangh and other think tanks. There has to be a consensus and will power to do the same. WE hope the message is conveyed or read by the PM
himself as a food for thought and fuerther action in this regard.

Best Wishes

Dr Asheesh Shah


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