Padma awards 2023: On a different level and A true privilege to witness


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28 March 2023
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Padma awards 2023: On a different level and A true privilege to witness

Recently Padma Awards 2023 ceremony was held at the Rashtrapati Bhavan. It was a

a true privilege to attend the same. Not only the award ceremony was a true replica of

what all India stood for but it was also a rare opportunity for us to attend the ceremony

in the august company of the country’s honorable President, PM, HM, Vice president,

Speaker and many cabinet colleagues. The big hall of the Rashtrapati Bhavan with such

glitterati and the noble occasion of Padma Awards 2023 was indeed a life time

privilege to attend.

After the ceremony both the President, Prime Minister Modi and HM Amit Shah took a

round circle to meet all the attendees followed by High tea. From Rashtrapati Bhavan

the event shifted to the New Sushma Swaraj Bhavan on Malcha road Chanakyapuri,

which is also the official office for G20. Here hon’ble HM Amit Shah hosted dinner for

the awardees.

But the purpose of this blog is not to tell about the President, PM or the HM or the high

tea and dinner but the assembly of people from all walks of life who were awarded. The

awardees included not only luminaries like Kumar Mangalam, Suman Kalyanpur, SM

Krishna et al but the real Indians who are not only skilled in their art but have showed

un paralleled commitment and dedication towards their art and nation. To witness a poet

who excels in telling stories of Indian dharma, another who makes voices of different

birds, the famed Kerela martial art expert, the tribal art painter, the Ayurved doctor to

allopathy practitioners from the south, Engineers, makers of musical instruments,

Cricket coach and many other hosts personalities. Thanks must be given to the all

Jury members too for such an excellent selection of awardees.

( Pl see here the full list of awardees for 2023:

Witnessing such great souls was a real pleasure and it made us convinced once again

the path to Indian greatness and rich heritage arises from these persons and their

enduring art. India has such a great legacy that it will be a big folly to ignore it and

move only on the path of the western and modern way of life.

We wonder if the government can make further efforts to promote the skills represented

by these great personalities. For example the martial art of Shri S R D Prasad

a septuagenarian, Kalarippayattu ( form of martial art from Kerela)

exponent still looks fit and passionate about this fast-fading traditional art of

India. Can the government help him open more such centers across the

country. That will be a true award for him.

Similarly, another recipient of the award is Cheruvayal K. Raman, who is a 73-year

old tribal farmer and agriculturist from Wayanad district, He was awarded the

Padma Shri awards 2023, for his contributions to the field of agriculture. He is known

for conserving over 55 rice varieties on his small farm at Kammana, most of them

being very rare, which he preserved over decades. Most interesting fact is, he

preserved rice seeds without adopting new technology or conventional sciences.

Despite owning acres of land, he still lives in his 150-year-old mud hut. Over the

years he has received many honors, with Padma Shri being the latest recognition

added to the list. Can he be encouraged and used to take this to other parts of the

country? It will be a real tribute to him nd his work.

There are many such personalities and their work that need to be taken PAN India. A

real tribute to them and their work can be done if the government can help them

further for better outreach.

Finally, NCERT / UGC must do something to bring these personalities to the millions

of students through coursework or direct interaction in schools. Notifications must

be issued to schools to invite these personalities rather than celebrities. Such

parameters must be used to evaluate and access the school credentials whether

it’s DPS or Goenka’s.


The Padma awards have changed ever since PM Modi became teh PM of the

country. It appears that PM Modi has kept a ready list of things that he wanted to do

as PM. And Padma awards is one of them. Its so refreshing to see these different

personalities and experts getting awards for their work.

We request the hon’ble Pm and president to further encourage these awards and not

remember them just for one day. Let their art and skill be taken to different parts of

the country. Let NCERT and UGC use the education medium and schools to

encourage and invite them.

Best Wishes

Dr Asheesh Shah


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