PM Modi as the new global leader: USA tour is important


PM Modi as the new global leader: USA tour is important

As PM Modi starts his America tour, the timings of the same could not be better. For, the world is going through a major transformation and we are likely to see new world order and equations in the years to come. 
The celestial events that led to coronavirus across the world were not just about the pandemic. It also signaled that the world will have to change adopting new ways of life, technologies, and of course leadership. As we see China is under pressure economically and will continue to do so for some more time. There are rifts between the US and France over the Australian nuclear submarine deal with the former. The Middle East is clueless and there is a Taliban government in Afghanistan. President Biden and America got a major shock and setback over their decision to pull back American troops from Afghanistan that also led to the killing of 13 of their soldiers. 

Under the circumstances, PM Modi is visiting the United States and will be meeting president Biden, Kamala Harris, and 5 other top industry honchos. It is also important to note that just a few days back the QUAD meet was held through video conferencing and has cemented the strategic alliance even further, placing pressure on China. There are also reports suggesting that the western world is planning a new infrastructure to take over the Chinese Silk route and OBOR ( One belt one road) projects that is not just commercial but has strategic importance too. 

The image of India has gone tremendous change after PM Modi and the BJP govt has come to power since 2014. The first and foremost was the end of Pakistan nuisance that was happening across the borders with the heads of our army personnel being cut and displayed putting the whole nation into humiliation and depression. If someone asks us what is the biggest achievement of the Modi government over the past 7 years, we would say this only. For, no nation can rise and be happy with such melancholic and barbaric acts of violence and terror. 

Gradually the Indian foreign policy started working on other countries too that can be seen clearly in the gulf region with both Saudi and UAE supporting India on many issues. France was another country with whom our partnership has fostered and becoming increasingly strong. Before leaving to the United States, Modi has a meeting with Macron and it is reported that the two countries will be working on Indo-Pacific strategy jointly. This is also important because France has felt backstabbed after the US and Australia pulled out an N- a submarine deal that France was pursuing for many years with Australia. 

Pm Modi has also a good equation with President Vladimir Putin and there is no reason to doubt that Russia will slip away from India and move towards Pakistan. Russia has a good relationship with China, but we are of the opinion that Russia will not soil its relationship with India as China falls between the two nations and Russia has territorial disputes with it. 

The Modi and Trump-era surpassed all records and it was the time when US and India came together like anything. The Howdy rally can still be remembered and so was the Trump tour to India. 

The present: 

There is news that PM Modi gets a huge welcome after his arrival in Washington today. More than 100 people gathered at the Joint Base Andrews in Washington DC. He was greeted by Indian community members chanting his name and waving the Indian flag amid light showers. This is PM Modi’s first visit after pandemic covid break out in 2019. 

PM Modi will address the UN general assembly and attend the QUAD leaders summit as well will hold a personal one to one meet with President Biden. 

President Biden will host PM Modi at the white house on september 24. Then there will be other parallel meetings going on. 

America is under tremendous pressure and the BIden administration is looking for new partnerships and alliances. China has been now acknowledged as number one threat and challenge and both Republicans and Democrats are now on the same side atleast on this one issue. The Afghan crisis has thrown all together a new chapter out in the open with all uncertainties. America may also look to repair its relationship with Russia in days to come. IN Germany Chancellor Angela Markel is not in power after years of rule. 

All these circumstances and events provide PM Modi with new opportunities and action plans that he must grab with both hands. Today the world is looking at India with much more expectations than ever. There is a difference between what Nehru was trying to do and what PM Modi has achieved. And this very important. Nehru with his romantic ideas alienated India with America and linked us as a stooge of Russia. He also worked hard on the Neutral stance of India which was a foolish idea as no country can be termed as unbiased. As a result, India lost America and the biggest beneficiary was China with both Kissinger and Nixon going all after the dragon as friends and to counter Russia. Successive US government followed the same route while India was gradually abandoned in the game. Even Pakistan benefitted through this chess game after Russia entered Afghanistan. 

However the present times are different. India has managed its foreign policy very well by paying due attention to all the powers in the world. It can work with almost all countries with ease and from a position of equity if not strength. This is the ideal time for PM Modi to further assert the role of India in global politics. 

The challenges and Do List:

First and foremost India has to shed its hesitation and look to play a bigger and larger role in global politics. The Taliban threat is more for us than any other country. India will need to mobilise global support in favour of our issues in days to come. Some of the leaders and lobbies are still working to harass INdia over the Kashmir issue and we have to be prepared for the same. Some others are projecting HIndutwa as evil just to target the Modi government. 
1. IN order to overcome all the hurdles India has to move ahead with confidence and conviction. We must be willing to play a dominant role in global politics and affairs. India can work out some joint alliance with the US for Afghanistan and in our opinion this will be the biggest achievement of this tour. It will be helpful to compromise Pakistan, China as well as Afghanistan. It sounds rather foolish how come India has ignored Afghan so far. Afghan is a country that can offer India with multiple leverages and India should not be shy to support a peaceful regime in that country. 

2. Besides Afghanistan China will be another issue that the two leaders will consider. IN our opinion India must look towards economic and technological cooperation and alliances with America rather than forming any further joint operation against China. The only way to overcome China is through better economic and technological advances. 
These two issues will be the major outcomes of PM Modi’s visit to America. We wish PM Modi our best wishes and look forward to his American tour with great expectations and benefits in the mutual interest of America and India. 

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Asheesh Shah
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