State elections: Send volunteers to West Bengal and Tamilnadu : Not easy to win, BJP and Sangh must utilise the human resources to capture these two critical states. 


State elections: Send volunteers to West Bengal and Tamilnadu : Not easy to win, BJP and Sangh must utilise the human resources to capture these two critical states. 

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Two state elections are getting close. West Bengal and Tamilnadu. Both are quite critical for multiple reasons and integrity of the country. Both have gone quite a distance against national interest and should be a cause of concern to the central government and all citizens. And it is not just conversions and minority pampering but also on issues that go beyond them. 

We recommend and suggest to BJP and the Sangh parivar to send as many volunteers to these two states and to prepare for the upcoming elections by going door to door. We don’t know why the party and organizations fail to utilize the vast human resources available to it but relies only on a few to do the magic. While Kailash Vijayvargiya is a very capable person he may still feel handicapped because of the political structure of west bengal which is heavily biased against the saffron party. We take that line because of reasons mentioned below. 

Despite all the positive vibes generated from Bengal and Tamilnadu, the ground reality is that the saffron party may not be able to do much in Tamilnadu and may break some ground in West Bengal. However that will not be good enough to form a government or something like that. Therefore to remain over confident will be a big mistake on the part of the party and election strategists.

The ground reality in Tamilnadu is very much different than what is being projected. Rajnikant is a spent force and may not be able to dent votes from DMK that are expected. Though AIADMK has done good in her tenure the public is more inclined to vote for DMK as the incumbency factor always runs high in TN state politics. Many young aaand popular actors Vijay Kumar and others belong to minority faith and will take the young voters away from BJP and AIADMK. The corona virus and other economic woes will also go against the central government not to mention farmers protests that are still going on. Though the bJP has brought a good young leader Murugan as party incharge , he may not have the required time to change things much. 

Coming to West bengal , here the BJP has a much better chance than the southern state. Mamata banarjee has failed by and large to keep up to expectations and provide good administration. Her total succumbing to minorities and pampering them has made a large section of Hindus hostile to her and TMC. Leaders after leaders are quitting the party which is also managed by the BJP team pretty well and can help public opinion against her. Today West bengal is totally clue less and has been unable to move ahead in terms of development and social upliftment. 

Between 2013- 2017 Gujarat, MP and Karnataka remained at the top three in terms of GSDP growth while West Bengal was among the bottom. [crisil]. However on certain other criteria the state has done well. For example it has registered a lower fiscal deficit and also better employment numbers. Further rhe state has done well on health facilities but has failed on infrastructure with poor roads and bridges.  Spending on irrigation has also been poorer. Like health the state has been spending well on education and has done well overall on both health and education. 


There are huge expectations from West bengal and Tamilnadu for the saffron party to do good in the forthcoming elections. But the ground reality is quite different. The BJP and Sangh have to be close to the ground and should not get lost in the noise being generated especially in a state like Tamilnadu. It may do slightly better in Bengal but not close to forming a government. 

We suggest the party and organization to prepare and train small groups of volunteers to send to these states and work for the elections. At Least 1000- 5000 trained  persons should be used for this purpose so that each household is covered before the elections. These groups must be supervised by leaders and sent to different locations in a systematic manner. 

The party and organizations must utilize the manpower available to it in  a better way. Why they keep waiting for election after elections is something that we fail to understand. They must use the opportunity to make a final kill and not allow these states to slip through. It seems that as of now its more in a state of over expectation rather than close to ground reality. Time is to pump more effort and educate the citizens of these two states for long term gains which is possible only through dedicated trained volunteers sent to the states for the same. 



Dr  Asheesh Shah



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