The Modi Government will be Completing its Two Years of Governance Next Week


Modi government: excellent, good and average performing ministers

The Modi government will be completing its two years of governance next week. By and large the performance has been satisfactory with many policies announced, new directions issued and many of these taking off the ground.

Besides several ministries are also working full time . While some others are laggards or are unable to show / project results. The government needs to be wise and do a surgical analysis to filter out the weed and the non performers from the performers. It should also reward the performers. However only a professional approach of analysis will help the government to filter or cut the wheat from the chaff.

The Modi government will have to track the record of each ministries through a proper team of analysts. The data can be taken through ministry web sites, Newsletter, Ebook and other authentic sources rather than just vague media sources and or dubious publishers. If required the ministers may be asked to clarify their positions and be given time to substantiate their claims and remove allegations.

The final outcome after five years of the Modi government will be based on not the performance of prime Minister Narendra Modi but largely by his team of ministers and people who are entrusted with important responsibilities.
Therefore it is seriously important how the government reshuffles the cabinet through picks and drops. Based upon performance the ministries and hence ministers can be divided in three categories. 1. The exceptional performers. or the excellent 2. The Performers or the Good and 3. the laggards or the average. The reason could be one and many. However based upon an unbiased approach and going through the material available on ministry websites the results are as follows.

1. Excellent: Those who have exceptionally performed well are the Ministry of surface transport, Highways and shipping ( Nitin Gadkari), defence (Manohar Parrikar) , Renewable Energy (Piyush Goyal) , Railways (Suresh Prabhu), Environment and forest ( Prakash Javadekar ) and foreign affairs ( sushma Swaraj).

(While The top ministries like Finance (Jaitley) and Home ( Rajnath) have huge tasks upon them and given the state of affairs after the UPA govt. They too have done very well in bringing stability to the government. )

2.Good: Others who tried to do well are MHRD ( Smriti Irani), Commerce ( Nirmala Sitharaman) , Science and Technology ( Dr Harshwardhan) , Ayush ( Sreepad Naik) and DEITY (Ravishankar Prasad) .

3. The Average: Rest of them are doing something but the direction is lacking. Therefore in the absence of clear directions and concrete ground actions it is difficult to analyse the results . May be a few of them are doing well. But either it has not been well publicized or may be the actions and hence results are yet to be seen.
This type of professional and non biased approach only will help Modi government to deliver in the next three years. Any deviation from such analysis will not only be dangerous for the government’s own credibility but will also undermine the efforts of those who have been working tirelessly and will send a wrong message.

Its decision should not be based on what the media reports or on hearsay. Than there are interested lobbies who may not like to see a performing minister just because it hurts their interests.

Its over to the government now. The citizens of the country are waiting eagerly to see the actions. Let the best ministers retain their portfolios or given better opportunities. Ameen.

Note: we have tried to be as impartial as possible. It is possible that we may have ignored some important ministry work through oversight. We would therefore recommend the government to run and analyse the performance through its own team of experts but in a professional manner.

Asheesh Shah
Author: Asheesh Shah

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