The real versus fake Modis: Don’t imitate Modi to impress, instead be like him internally. Appearances can be a dangerous parameter to judge a person.

The real versus fake Modis: Don’t imitate Modi to impress, instead be like him internally. Appearances can be a dangerous parameter to judge a person. 

After the corona pandemic, it was a surprise to see PM Modi with his grown-up beard and long hairstyle. But then a lot of things happened in the country and one can understand that the PM must be under real pressure and may have no time or inclination to look at oneself for that otherwise pleasant photogenic smiling image. And we all know that the PM is a work alcoholic and does not like to waste time on trivial matters. He is a taskmaster, an able administrator, and an inspiring leader who likes his work. 

And therefore it’s legitimate, perfect, and completely in order if the Prime Minister of the country grows his beard and is immersed in the work day in and day out. No doubt he is the real ‘ Saput; of mother India and the son of the soil. 

However a few days back we saw this image of another Indian who is imitating the Modi style ( see the attachments). For a second we were taken aback to see Aicte chairman donning a big beard just like PM Modi. And we were just – Oh My God !! What happened to him ..? what we say in Hindi ” Ab isko kya ho Gaya ” moment. We were just wondering, has he come out of some prison or mental asylum. Why does he need to grow a beard when he is enjoying all the fruits of government facilities and foreign tours. We know how much work Aicte does and how much time they have to eat samosas and do Gupshup’s.

Then it occurred that – Oh, he is trying to look like PM Modi. But the question is can someone be like PM Modi just by keeping a long beard or he has to also transform himself, specifically internally. I think the Aicte chairman just forgot to do that. While in his new avatar he does resembles PM Modi but we are afraid he is nowhere near him when it comes to any good parameter. It is not easy to be someone like Modi, a person who has sacrificed his life and personal gratifications and worldly pleasures for the cause of the nation and in the service of mother India. We are sure the long beard will become a fad in the future, just like Virat Kohli inspired many young Indians to have a small beard the long beard will be the new symbol of the saintly and work alcoholic, but will it also mean selfless service to the nation. ? 

In India, there are many such chameleons who change colors and adjust to a new environment. The recent appointment of a VC that we highlighted in the previous post also belongs to the same regiment. There are many others like him who keep changing appearances and therefore we have said in the previous posts that Sangh and BJP must not get into the selection of Heads of institutes especially the important ones. They should be selected only on the basis of merit and competency. 

People who often change their outward appearances are in general the opportunist kind.  Yesterday while watching the serial Ahilya Bai on Sony TV, one particular statement said by Malhar Rao Holkar impressed us and we quote, ” Never adopt a person or diamond without testing it, as it may harm you”. There are many opportunists out in the open who somehow get closer to the ruling dispensation.

Changing colors and present oneself as people want is an art and skill which only a few people possess. And it is this class of people who benefit more than the real honest and dedicated persons. The Indians remain gullible and vulnerable to outward appearances and soft and persuasive voices. 

There is one more personality without whose name this post will not be complete. He is the Chief Minister of Delhi who has also adorned an image that touches the citizens of the country. His style is like the true honest Indian who will not compromise on anything else but for the nation. He has been gifted by a voice that looks serious and of an honest man. He has also styled himself behind this voice and mask so well that Delhi citizens have fallen twice for his outer appearances of a simple Indian citizen with slippers and plain clothes. 

Unfortunately, the BJP has not been able to find a suitable personality who can give him a run for his money. Arvind Kejriwal depicts himself as a sophisticated, intellectual, educated person who appeals both to the middle class, secularists as well as the poor. We were seeing two images of the Delhi CM, one before he was CM and the other recent. His cheeks have blossomed and are pink while he has also gained weight overall. The earlier version of Arvind Kejriwal no more exists. This may very well cost the Delhi CM his CMship. 

There are many other leaders and personalities who have carefully cultivate their image through outward appearances. Sharad Pawar will always wear trade mark white shirt and white pants projecting himself as a farmer’s son. Uddav Thakeray likes to wear Kurtas and projects himself as the common man. Mamta Bannerjee also wears White Sari with a blue border depicting herself as the icon of simplicity and as a fighter woman. Most of the politicians also like to wear simple Indian clothes and try to project themselves adhering to Bhartiya Sanskriti. It is indeed rare to see a politician wearing a suit and going to a public rally or work. 

On the contrary, we also have Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath, who also leads a saintly life and has all the right to wear saffron clothes. Then there is Baba Ramdev who with his Yoga and inimitable ‘ Desi Langot ‘ and nothing remains an inspiration for many. These people have justified their outward appearances with their internal, simplicity, and work. 

We cannot also forget the former CM of Goa Manohar Parrikar who was the same inside and outside and appearances just didn’t matter to him. He was also known to wear slippers even when he became a central minister. However, people like him are rare personalities who are actually what they look outwardly. 
However, there are many who change their Indian style to a westerner as soon as they set their foot on foreign soil. We wonder what makes them do so. 


While it’s easy to assume a personality that looks simple and honest from the outside does not mean always that the person will be the same in actual practice too. Appearances can be deceptive. On the other hand, many people who look a bit crazy from the outside are really honest and true to their job and profession. We have seen in our life many personalities that are simple outwardly and inwardly. They don’t have to wear saffron clothes or don a beard to appear saintly. It’s their work and talk which tell about them. 

PM Modi is a saint in its true sense having discarded all worldly pleasures and facilities.  But there are others who try to project themselves as sincere and honest but have inner desires inside. We must be careful with such personalities and the opportunists. The job of BJP and the Sangh must be to identify the real and hard worker who does not want to come to the limelight or shies away from it.  They should not look at what one wears or looks like but see what are his thoughts and inclinations. We have seen many people wearing dhoti kurta as soon as BJP and Sangh are in power and holding champagne when the congress comes. The country has to be careful with such turncoats in politics as well as other power seats. 

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Dr. Asheesh ShahSamanvaya
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