The Shraddha murder case and vulnerability of Hindu girls and others


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The Shraddha murder case and vulnerability of Hindu girls and others
The tragic and gruesome  Shraddha murder case has once again shaken the soul of the country which always seem to be in a state of ‘sleep’ and wakes up only temporary, whenever there is some tragic incident and or there is a cricket match being played somewhere. And therefore with such mindset known to everyone, the crime being perpetuated by criminals goes without follow ups and rigorous punishments to deter. Except in the case of Nirbhaya , where the parents made sure that the culrprits are hanged we have not seen any case folowed with determination and seriousness. 

Take the case of Kanhaiyya, the poor Tailor in Rjasthan who was beheaded, What happened to his case no one knows. Where are the culprits in that case, whether they are on bail or in jail we dont know becasue it has become a past event and there are new ones. So here we are. Shraddha was murdered brutally and her body chopped and dumped at random places. 

Once again the vulnerability of girls especially Hindu girls is exposed. The contrast that we see in the country is mind boggling. The internet and social media revolution has changed the entire picture. Today children have become adults at an age of 14/15 and know whatever has to be known. This provides them some confidence to talk to parents and take independent decisions. Friendship over social media apps have become a tool to get connected for good or bad reasons and exchanges messages. Clearly there are characters who are always looking to exploit such tools and internet for sinister purposes. And thus we have Shraddha trapped by Aftab over a dating app . 

This is not the first nor will be the last case that has happened. Therefore the question is,  can it be minismised or we as a society and nation do we have the time and priority for such incidents. As usual the legal system of the country is too lazy to handle such cases on priority. No one thinks that as as a society have the responsibility to not only protect the young girls from ‘monsters’ but make sure that such incidents do not happen . WE dont know but suddenly there is an increase in numbers in such inter caste relationships and tragic ends. 
While bollywood and ultra liberal and pseudo secularists continue to encourage such relationships the hindus by and large do not consider it important to protest and look for measures that can prevent such cases. 

We propose the following by the central and state governments :
1. Make a national registry where any intercaste marriage is duly reported and registered, 
2. Newly married girls must be encouraged to get registered through government publicity and campaigns. 
3. National comission of Women must be empowered to track all such cases ina regular timely manner and any negative feedback must be taken seriously and with consequences. 
4. Sangh and parents must create more awareness campaigns so that girls remain within the discipline of family and parental Asmita. 
5. Some form of education in schools is a must to prevent such incidents. Poverty, liquor and unemployment takes the parents away from young children and especially girls become the victims of such unhealthy families and discordant parents. 
6. Special courts must be set up to handle all cases of murders and the time to punishments must be lessened . 
Last but not least the society has to stand up in protest. Can a Shraddha march be taken in all major cities to create awareness? Let the young girls know about the case and the consequences that comes along with it. 
Being liberal is good but not without full awareness and maturity. Most of the people get carried away with half baked knoelwedge and bollywood movies. The likes of Kareena Kapoor and others have further encouraged the vulnerable girls to find partners who are neither worthy nor wise to be in relationship. 
BUt then with a sleeping society who will tell them. 
with best wishes
Dr Asheesh Shah
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