Topic for Next Man ki Baat: National Shame-Why Indians lack civic duties.What will Modi do alone? And Don’t politicize Ankita Bhandari ..Finally Why some parties are justifying Pakistan JIndabad

Topic for Next Man ki Baat: Why Indians lack civic duties..What will Modi do alone? And Don’t politicize Ankita Bhandari ..Finally Why some parties are justifying Pakistan JIndabad

There are some genetic defects in our DNA as a collective population, whereby we mean without any religion, social, caste, or ideological bias. When we say collectively it means on our part too. And that defect is the total absence of Civic sense and responsibilities towards our society, a nation that includes primary things and issues like Cleanliness and a hygienic environment. The Municipalities of the country is in total corrupt practices where people come either to make a political career or earn fast bucks. We don’t find people who want to contribute to society and fight for Corporator and MLAs’ positions. Since all elections are won on Modi’s name the PM can do a big service to the nation by selecting the right candidates for every election. People who want to serve like him and not make political careers. 

We take the example of the capital city of the country as an example. There is garbage spread across the collection boxes with a foul smell intoxicating the environment. The dogs and even vultures have a feast over them while the traffic passes smoothly as if nothing has happened. This is on the main road – Qutab Institutional Area, where we have offices of DST, Power grid, and many other well-known NGOs and other international agencies offices. So what is wrong with all of them ? as we said earlier its a genetic defect where everyone wants to blame other but wont do anything for himself. We would like to request all our readers to target this defect of ours and come up with solutions . This is the first and basic thing to do before we call ourselves Atma NIrbhar or what ever. PM Modi has done his part now it’s time for the common man like you and us to come out and do our duties for the society and the nation. We will write some more suggestions towards the same but request our readers to send us their solution and thoughts for the same. 

The Delhi municipality has done some good work with regards to the local parks and gardens. We are seeing some improvements there. Recently we had our tour of United States. 
One clear difference we found between US and India is the use of common sense over there. From small things that dont require any money but just common sense. For example, having a separate area for DOGS in the park or in the society. See the plaques and SignBoards in America  , small and big at many places. That shows the civic and social responsibilities. Whether you are going in the trial room in a mall or at the metro, airports or the bus you will find small things that shows there is someone who thinks. 
And then they implement it with strict laws and regulations. There is a penalty for even smaller offences. This is what is being missed here in India. WE may be poor and big country but that is no excuse for a responsible covic sense and responsibility on everyones part. 

The Ankita Bhandari case: 

The second topic for today is equally retarding and heart 
wrenching. The media and some political parties have latched upon the case of Ankita Bhandari as if her case will bail them out of their pit. There cannot be more shameful when people try to politicize such brutal and shameful incidents. NDTV went to Dehradun / Rishikesh and was found holding a camp to take interviews of people. Good for them that they asked people to introduce themselves. And guess what, they all were AAP. Before this many other rape and murder case have happened but the opposition parties and media like NDTV kept silent because they were carried out by some Minority youths. Kanhaiyyalal was beheaded still no one came out to speak as if he was punished rightly. We fail to understand where our society is heading with such clear bias and selective AMNESIA, 
We are of the opinion that all females who are working must be asked to register themselves with some government agency at the state / central level. There can be some app or something so that they can be tracked and their grievances be noted. The DCW ( Delhi Commission of Women) must also be more proactive. The helpline numbers must expand their outreach. The legal courts must expedite all such cases, and they must be tried in some other state so that there is no political interference. There ar many ways we can devise to minimize such incidents. We hope the government is able to pay some attention to these issues. 

Pakistan Jindabad:

The last topic for this post is the defense of some parties on the issue of slogans by PFI supporters – Pakistan Zindabad. A country that has failed on all accounts is defended by Indian politicians. One of the leaders from RJD called it a form of protest which should not be taken otherwise, How shameful of him to defend such things. THis shows tomorrow these people will go to any extent to appease their vote banks . Congress repeatedly does the same and does not have the courage to criticize organizations like PFI. They think that this will damage their Muslim vote banks. They take Hindus for granted. Because there are many foolish Hindus who still vote for congress for reasons we don’t know and understand. They are doing a great dis service to not only the nation but also to the congress party. Because of this the congress party is unable to come up with a strong leadership. It still sees the Gandhis as the only savior for them. If Arvind Kejriwal can pull up a platform that does not have GANDHI in it , we dont know why Congress can’t do the same. 

Digvijay Singh the biggest moron of congress equates RSS with PFI. We don’t know what to say to these people. We can only pray to God to bless them so that they can think sensibly. Power and politics must not make one blind. Else there is no limit to one fall. 

Wishing all a very happy Navratris. Let us make India Great again. 

Dr Asheesh Shah

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