Please find COVID-19 related products developed & research @ IIT Delhi.


I-Affordable COVID-19 Diagnostic Kit Corosure Developed by IIT Delhi and
accessible to IITD as well as anybody from outside
1) Name of the company (collecting samples at IITD):  JITM skills Pvt.
2) Testing kit proprietary name: Corosure (Newtech Medical Devices Pvt.
3) Address where the testing is done: Test sample collection is done at
JITM skills, an ICMR approved testing laboratory has sample collection
kiosks at the IITD metro gate opposite to the SDA market. The test is
performed in the JITM skills Pvt. Ltd.  In East Delhi.
4) Cost of testing: INR. 800/-
5) No of samples tested per day (rough estimation): 100-300 samples/day
6) Facility availed by (IITD /outsiders): Yes. This facility is open to
IITD residents and anybody from outside IITD.

II) Face mask & PPEs:
1) KAWACH Mask: IIT Delhi startup ETEX launches affordable and effective
face mask, KAWACH, to provide protection against COVID-19.
2) NSafe mask: An IIT Delhi startup “Nanosafe Solutions” has launched an
antimicrobial and washable face mask “NSafe”.
3) 3 Layered Mask: Nanoclean Global Pvt. Ltd., a startup of IITD
developed 3 layered good quality surgical masks for hospitals & health
4) Fabiosys Innovations startup of IIT Delhi Developed of antimicrobial
fabric for protection against hospital-acquired infection
5) IIT Delhi researchers along with Scientist of DRDO developed an
affordable PPE coverall that reaches adequate levels of breathability

III) Treatment: As per the study conducted by researchers at IIT Delhi;
Tea (Camellia sinensis) and Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) may act as
potential therapeutic options against SARS-CoV-2 targeting 3CLpro

With kind regards,
R&D Co-ordinator,

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