Timeline:- Here is how PM modi has acted all along for corona virus


1. Many of you would have got your Vaccination done .. Many must have got 2 doses!!

 How many of us have even bothered to know the TIMELINE???

 Did it happen overnight???

 This thread will walk you through some crucial meetings which made it possible… Do Read …

2. A task force was constituted in April 2020, which immediately set upon the task of providing the    support/framework to any poosible vaccine rollouts in future….

REMEMBER- THIS WAS ONE YEAR BACK . Read the quoted tweet and you will know what was     happening behind the scenes …

3. Under Narendra Modiji’s vision for improving health care in #India, many hurdles that vaccine manufacturers faced have been cleared leading to a never before seen development cycle for the #COVIDー19 vaccine

4. Almost one year back!!

May 5 2020 – meeting of an already constituted task force on coronavirus vaccine …

Hurdles that vaccine manufacturers faced were already cleared…

Deliberations, discussions with different countries, organizations were already on …

5. Chaired a meeting on the Task Force on Corona Vaccine Development, Drug Discovery, Diagnosis and Testing.

6. It was ensured that approvals or any hurdles did not impact the work.

Communication channels were streamlined and made responsive. The encouragement and respect was reciprocated by the industry and scientific community!

There was light at the end of the tunnel!!!

7. Thanks to your speedy and timely approvals,  India will have a made-in-India vaccine for a made-in-China virus.

8. We were already planning and preparing for vaccination against Covid-19, as and when the vaccine was available.

9. Reviewed preparations relating to a vaccine to cure COVID-19. An important subject that was discussed was the creation of a tech platform that would complement vaccination at scale across the nation. http://nm-4.com/inh9

10. be identified and prioritized for early vaccination,for example doctors, nurses, healthcare workers,non-medical frontline corona warriors,and vulnerable people among the general population; second, that vaccination of “anyone, anywhere”should take place,i.e.without imposition 2/4

11. of any domicile related restrictions for getting the vaccine; third, that vaccination must be affordable and universal – no person should be left behind; and fourth, that the entire process from production to vaccination should be monitored and supported in real time with 3/4

12. the use of technology.

And please remember that the vaccine was yet to be rolled out!!

But Narendramodi ji was not waiting for the vaccine to arrive and then start doing the work! These were all advance preps to make the process smooth, efficient and far reaching 4/4

13. From “Are we ready?” to “We are ready?”

Thanks to our Scientists, we had hopes…

This was June 2020!! But there were trials, tests to be done before the vaccine was finally available for India and world!!

14. Few million vaccine doses by Nov-Dec and 300 million doses by Jan-Mar 2021. Vaccine to be called Covishield and to be distributed by Govt to for free.

Govt was well aware of the way ahead and preparing accordingly!!

15. Without commenting on it, sharing this tweet to convey that while industry and scientific community were into one of the most crucial stages and need all our support, what others were doing!!

Hats off to their perseverance and determination!!!

16. I would kindly request the media to refrain, from reporting on interim data coming in about patients on the SII – Covishield clinical trials. Let us not bias the process. Let us respect the process and stay patient for two months, all the relevant data will be published soon.

17. Govt sets up National Expert Group on Vaccine Administration for COVID-19 (NEGVAC) which meets for the first time on Aug 12.

Deliberates on conceptualization and implementation mechanisms for creation of a digital infrastructure for inventory management 1/2

18. …and delivery mechanism of the vaccine including tracking of vaccination process with particular focus on last mile deliver

19. The path was clear and well defined!! India, apart from saving own citizens, was to do everything possible to further global good in the battle against COVID-19 pandemic.

20. Mechanisms for adequate procurement, and technologies for bulk-stockpiling, filling vials for distribution and ensuring effective delivery were discussed along with Government facilitation and support for Indian vaccine developers and manufacturers!!

21. Reviewed aspects relating to research and vaccine development during a meeting earlier today. Reiterated GOI support for the vaccine development eco-system, which has been working tirelessly over the past few months. http://nm-4.com/t2Tt96

22. Apart from other related matters advanced planning of cold storage chains, distribution network, monitoring mechanism, advance assessment, and preparation of ancillary equipment required, such as vails, syringes etc were discussed in detail !!

23. Review of various issues like prioritization of population groups, reaching out to HCWs, cold-chain Infrastructure augmentation, adding vaccinators and tech platform for vaccine roll-out.

24. Narendramodi ji personally visited 3 facilities. Anyone could understand the effect that such a visit will have on the Scientists and others involved!!

Encouragement has amazing effects on morale and energy!!

25. SII applies for emergency use authorization for the first made-in-India vaccine, COVISHIELD

26. Dry runs (a process where the effects of a possible failure are intentionally mitigated) were conducted .Complete testing of the system involving (mimicking/dummy-acting)all components of the process, was undertaken before delivery to the actual end-users.

27. Worlds largest vaccination drive starts !!

Priority given to healthcare and frontline workers, those above 50 years of age and the under-50 population groups with co-morbidities, together numbering around 27 crore.

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