Wishing Happy birthday to PM Modi, the son of the soil : Country needs not one but 100’s of Modi

Wishing Happy birthday to PM Modi,  the son of the soil : Country needs not one but 100’s of Modi

Today is the birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and we at Samanvaya wish him all our best wishes for many more fruitful years to come and of course another term starting 2024. 

The kind of honesty, integrity, confidence, dedication, commitment, conviction PM Modi has shown for the nation and its welfare is unparalleled and will make him one of the top leaders of the country of all times. May he continue the journey with the blessing of God and the divine is all that we can say so that the country is able to benefit from his leadership and personality. 

There are many contributions that PM Modi has made for the nation and we don’t wish to outline them. However, one thing that we wish to convey to PM Modi will be to go now for LONG TERM GOALS that can transform the country forever. Short-term goals always run the risk of being changed by another government of the day. However, long-term, permanent, and systematic plans are more long-living and have the capacity to change the country for the better. 

What are those long-term goals and what issues PM must address in the next one to three years is important to know.  To give an analogy, and for one there is a need to change SYSTEMS rather than changing the files within the system  There is an urgent need to change certain things in the country for lasting peace and prosperity. Unless that is done no amount of work will be sufficient. PM Modi has already done many such changes and is moving ahead on the path of REFORMS that has to be applauded. But still, some more actions are required for making the country strong. We will write a separate post on the same. 

Finally, PM Modi has demonstrated that one GOOD and the RIGHT person at the top can make drastic contributions to the nation. The country is indeed fortunate to have him as the Prime Minister. We need not one but hundreds of Modi only then the country can prosper. 

We wish PM Modi again on his 71 st  Birthday and would pray to GOD for his long active life. May he shine with his Karma and make the country proud. 

Dr. Asheesh Shah

Asheesh Shah
Author: Asheesh Shah

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