Karnataka case of half filled glass…But the party has certainly drifted from its cherished goals at least at state level

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Karnataka case of half filled glass…But the party has certainly drifted from its cherished goals at least at state level

‘Samanvaya National Interest ‘ 16  May 2023

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Karnataka case of half-filled glass…But the party has certainly drifted from its cherished goals at least at the state level

The Karnataka results have given another jolt to the party at the center and the Modi-led government. But we say that the results are also how one would like to see them.

Like the proverbial half-filled glass, which can be also seen as half empty.

So what is the half-filled side and what is the half empty? Let’s take first the half-filled

part. And importantly despite a huge incumbency factor and many charges the BJP in

Karnataka lost just .4 % of its vote share in 2018 which is almost the same. And

also if we are allowed to say, the party got the right jolt before 2024 which is also

important as there are some very clear lessons for its leaders both at center and all

states besides the sangh parivar.


The other half which is the empty side is more serious. First and foremost it has sent

stern lessons to the party and its leaders to not take things for granted and leave aside

arrogance, corruption, infighting etc. They say when the fights in the house reach

neighbor’s house it means there is something seriously wrong within the house. The

three issues just mentioned above have reached almost all voters not only in

Karnataka but across the country as to why the party lost the elections. We just had a

meeting with an old friend and he was as bitter as one can be. He accused the party

that the commission rates were as high as 40 % in the building and infra space which

made contractors and builders cry for mercy in Karnataka. This friend belongs to

logistics industry and if not fully correct cannot be fully wrong also.


By now everyone must have got all the reasons of the BJP ‘s loss and Congress win in the

state. As usual, Whats App is full of many such posts with a few bringing excellent

analysis. However, we would like to share an article from Frontline, which has

credited a small media in Karnatala ‘eedina.com‘ . This media house not only

predicted correctly the Congress, bjp, and JDS seats but also their voting % also

almost. Therefore one has to take its analysis seriously and read it aloud.



What Next? for the party and the country now ..First, get the lessons right..

1. While elections, victories, and losses are part of any democracy that keeps

it vivid, moving, interesting, and exciting one can take solace from the fact that

our voters are smart, intelligent, and awake which is more important.   Yes,

we know many people are disheartened by the part’s loss but then one must

also do some self-analysis. Had the party won in the state we would have

sulked to the apathy of the voters. But since it has not,  it proves that our

voters are not fools and cannot be taken for granted. Some are shouting that

the state will become heaven for Muslims and the Hindus will face the heat.

So be it. If the voters are not feeling fear of Muslims why should the party?


Actually, the BJP overhyped some of the issues in Karnataka. And not only in

Karnataka but another part of the country as well. The BJP must not bring the

fight at the individual level where one Hindu sees another Muslim as the enemy

and a Muslim sees another Hindu as his enemy. Somehow this has

happened and is happening. Bitter truth but then that’s the reality.

We think that Yogi Adityanath has given one good example though he may

be the best Hindu supporter at the moment. And despite being that he has

won all 17/17 Mayoral seats in the state. Why? because his government

was not against anyone but implemented strict law and order in the state.

A good administration proves good for all that should be the mantra of all

state governments ruled by the BJP. This should be applied to all campaigns and



Second, we have not heard stories of corruption which stump the common

man always. He has also good control over all his colleagues and has certain

discipline without any arrogance. The free ration reaches to every person

along with other schemes.


Compare this to the Karnataka government of the past few years. Not only

corruption but issues like hijab, Tipu, and other things increased enmities

and made people enemies of one another. This consolidated the Muslims

hugely. The 4% reservation that was pulled off was the last nail in the

coffin.  Though it was good but the timings and clutter behind it matter.


2. Ok, we don’t say that the Saffron party should not do things that people

supporting it want to do. BUt what we are saying is do it in a sophisticated

manner like Yogi Adityanath is doing. Remember the Hindus are a majority

Baniya class of people who will see their own interests first. There is no

nationalism or religion or development or anything before that self and I. The

Hindu community is unlike any other community in the world which has been

so so utterly selfish that even if you have done 100  things good for it but

makes him worry of the future it will pull back. What we mean to say that

dont expect the people / Hindus to support the party going out of way.


Therefore ethe party has to be smart and do things in a way that is liked by

this SELFISH Hindu Communities, who would like the nation to be a Hindu

Rashtra but not at their sacrifice.


Also the party has to look at bigger things and things that can be changed at t

he system level like it did with Triple Talaq, If one wants to change and

reform Muslims in the country tweak at things that hurt them also and make

sure that such things dont become the fodder of political parties .


The Hindus of the country want something that is found in this proverb ” Hing lage na

phitkari, rang bhi  chokho ”  ( हींग लगे न फिटकरी रंग

आए चोखा ).


Therefore the party has to do things sophisticatedly and also at a higher

level rather than just smaller ones. For example the Pakistan ballakot strike

was liked by one and all. The removal of 370 is liked by one and all. The

Ram temple construction was appreciated by all. Do remember many hindus

still do Business with Muslims and when there are communal tensions it

hurts both sides.


3. Another important message was that the party was unable to take its

schemes to the common man. This is a phenomenon that not only happens

in Karnataka but all over the country. IN Delhi for example no one knows

which schemes comes from center or which from state but Kejriwal the

shewd person that he is takes credit for all good things from infra to

education, buses to medical. A large part of people who are beneficiaries of

PM Modis schemes are not aware where the welfare is coming from. But

they all know and will tell that if the gas price is above 1000 rs its because of

Modi, if the farmers are in trouble because of high fertilizer price its due to

Modi, and if there is inflation its due to Modi. It is obvious that there are more

people who are trying to defame Modi compared to peoke who are trying to

make him popular. This includes media and social media publicity and all

things combined.


4. The state leadership was as uninspiring as it can be. The state was

looking for fresh and young leadership which could act as a model state for

southern India. But what it did was made it a bad state at the national level.

While on one side citizens came to know announcements made by PM, one

also got news of corruption and other negative news. The result was all the

positive news got eclipsed.


New Leadership and Organizational challenges


Many states as well as ministries are looking for new leadership. The party

must not waste time boosting and encouraging promising leaders who can

bring substantial changes and transform citizens’ lives. A new leader brings

many expectations and ih he is able to fulfill even partially it helps the party.

While an old leader is always looked with doubt as his behavior is well

known to one and all. Therefore 10 years should be the limit for any CM or

minister and new leaders must be given opportunities. The manner in which

PM Modi has made age limit for senior leaders the same should be applied

to tenure and no one be given more than 10 years. We have been repeating it f

for long .


A break is necessary and all such leaders can be rotated at various

levels. Some can be given organizational responsibilities while others can be

brought to the center. The BJP has grown fast and there will always be a

challenge to hold it tight . Senior sangh and BJP leaders must be aware of

such challenges. The party must have a very strict code of conduct and

discipline for everyone. Corruption and non-discipline must not be tolerated

and should be made known to one and all no matter how powerful one is.


The party also need to inculcate spiritual qualities and must hold camps for

this purpose. Greed, ambition and arrogance has taken upper hand in many

places especially at the state level. The party with a difference has become a

bad example with corruption cases exposing them. A mega shift is required

to shake the party from its downfall and this result has just done that good

thing to give warning and jolt to the party. Even if now it fails to understand

the mistakes and take lessons we are afraid 2024 will be as hard as



5. Dont make G20 and 100 th Mann ki Baat more important than the daily

needs of the common man. When the man on the street watches these

things he gets disconnected with the government as most of them are not

reaping any such benefits but have to toil hard to earn bread for the family.

Therefore no government in the country can afford to indulge in pomp and

show no matter how important they are or what prestige it brings

internationally. The Vajpai government also lost just becasue of this. People

want to see a government that is working day and night for the people in its

most simple and humble form.




The BJP and the Modi government must focus on development and

economic uplifting. True that the world has seen and is seeing tough times

and India has fared well but no one understands the reasons behind inflation

neither they want to. At the end of the day what matters is what the

government has done for them and its here when every other positive point

gets melt down whether its religion or nationalism or Vande Bharat etc. The

Hindu gene of ” Mere Liye Kya” comes into picture here and everything else

gets lost.


BJP must set some minimum thresholds and criteria for all its leaders. There

has to be proper assessment and evaluation of all leaders, CMs and

ministers. WE wonder why some leaders get free pass.

Organizations like Bajrang Dal and ABVP must be controlled. They have their

usefulness but not at the cost of the government and the party. The ABVP boys

attached with some young ministers have made the Modi government’s

image further damped. BJP must know that all its actions are highly watched

and this is how narratives are created which strikes with public perceptions.

Nothing is lost as such if the party takes the cue and brings a clean and neat

image back with further development al works and taming the organization.

While if it choses to ignore believing in self confidence and arrogance then

we doubt the Hindu cause is lost forever. At the end of the day the party has

to ask a question for itself. Why does it and the Sangh Parivar need

government at the states and in the center. Is it for money or power or

something else ? is it for individuals or for the nation? It seems that the party

and many of its leaders are seeing government as a means of individual

satisfaction with money and power and have lost national priorities. That is

the reason behind its fall from grace and which need to be addressed at the




with warm regards

Dr Asheesh Shah


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