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Gandhi Jayanti: Food for thought- Let us try to liberate the soul of the Bharat Mata from the evil spirits of past
As we celebrate one more Gandhi Jayanti , it is imperative upon us to review and look back especially the years after independence. That will be true Gandhian spirit to follow. Have we succeeded or have remained shackled is the main question to be asked. We will slightly borrow some inputs from astrology to make our point. If one sees the horoscope of Indian independence we can see Rahu and Ketu in the ascendant (Lagna) and seventh house axis with a kal sarpa yoga formed as all the planets are on one side of this axis. The kal Sarpa yoga in mundane astrology points to some strong pitra dosha related to a person leading to sufferings , financial and career upheavals besides other blemishes. What does it indicate in the chart of nations ? It shows being shackled by past sins and unable to break the reptilian stranglehold around us.
Coming from a background of science and technology it may sound a bit absurd to talk on astrology – though its also a science in itself – however the manner in which the country has failed to cross the threshold after independence makes us to write and analyse why we as a nation we have failed to cross the rubicon. Today is the best day to analyse some deeper points and points to think something deeper and more inquisitive.
While the present reportedly rape incident in UP may have strong political biasedness as Congress is trying to exercise one trick after another to get the people stand against PM Modi, the point is we have failed to give the kind of protection to women and weaker section in the country as much it ought to be. This has happened since independence and no point to talk on individual governments. The present data that we have got from a credible twitter post indicate that rape incidents are highest in Kerala for women and dalits even though it has highest literacy rate and is touted as a progressive state ( Rape incidence rate, All women UP 3.7 Raj 11.7 Kerala 10.7 Rape incidence rate, Dalits UP 1.3 Raj 3.1 Kerala 5.0 ).…/status/1311682314007703554…
The country has been exploited by the powerfuls individuals and lobbies be it in politics, bureaucracy, academics (IITs), Zamindars , Bollywood, police , judiciary etc etc. Let’s be honest and accept it because unless we accept our weaknesses we will not be able to correct them. We don’t say that it’s across the board but these sections that we have pointed to have elements that have tended to usurp power leading to malpractices and social exploitation.
So what is the solution to it. If readers remember in yesterday’s post we have talked about taking the society and nation towards scientific and technologically driven society. This should be supported by a strong law and order environment. Our democracy is weak and has many loopholes. The media which was supposed to guard democracy has been sold out with poor journalism and journalists. Moreover the left liberals have a very strong sway on media across the globe. The BBC picks every negative news against India making it headline as we see the Hathras rape incident being projected and also corona virus in India as if the world is free of these evils.
Anyway the issue is not to blame and criticise others. The nation is ours and it is the duty of all citizens to identify its weaknesses and solutions. The soul of the nation has been stangulated by evil spirits that may have mughal and colonial legacies. The Sangh is the only organization that has been trying to free the nation from these evil spirits. The BJP has a strong political agenda. PM Modi has also indeed done well to strengthen the nation.
But we repeat the soul of the country is gripped by evil spirits . Please try to understand the meaning of these statements more deeply. We will have to do more and work harder to liberate the soul of the country. It is still suffering from her past legacies especially the last 1000 years. We have to check every sphere especially law and order, politics, bureaucracy, education to correct them else the evil spirit will keep the country weak.
If we all look to our years as a kid to present many things have changed but certain things have not. No need to guess them or point them again. We all know what they are. So even after more than 70 years we have remained slaves and have failed in some critical areas.
The Sangh has to look into these critical deeply rooted weaknesses and try to liberate the soul of the country after her rebirth in 1947. It has to guide the BJP more actively rather than meekly. It should have an upper hand in all spheres of social and political life of the nation. More importantly it has to itself remain strong and maintain integrity. For we don’t find any other organization who is capable of performing this Yagna and Pitra dosha nivaran for the country. As an Individual PM Modi and Amit Shah have these in them. But they are saddled with many issues to ponder and we are afraid that despite their best efforts the sins of the past will be still maligning and testing the nation every now and then. It’s therefore incumbent upon us collectively to correct the course.

Asheesh Shah
Author: Asheesh Shah

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