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Perform like Gadkari and Suresh Prabhu-Lessons for New Ministers
Recent cabinet reshuffles has seen some new faces in the Modi cabinet while a few have been given new portfolios and just one promoted to the rank of cabinet.
Being a central government minister in itself is an achievement that could make even an humble person roar like a lion. Therefore the first thing that any minister ( new or for that matter old) must check about himself is to make sure that he does not become egoist and hence arrogant something for which one has to pay the price also sooner or later. ( http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/cabinet-reshuffle-smriti-irani-hrd-ministry/1/709394.html). The Prime Minister set aside all rumours of Smriti being the favourite and made sure she gets the right lessons in politics.In a way Modi has given multiple lessons for all ministers. Planted stories, Hypocrisy, favourites, lobbying , spying, media savvy etc etc all the dirty tricks of the game will not impress Modi but sheer performance and just performance with least noise , and that is the mantra for all new ministers and promoted ministers, which they must keep in heart.
However just being humble and silent will also not suffice. The key word that all ministers must remember is “Performance” or Perish. The choice all though seems simple but to perform is not everyone’s cup of tea. We are told that Modi personally met all the ministers and has outlined the Do’s and Dont’s for them like a world class CEO.
There are some ingredients that are required for performing. Let us take the case of two of the best ministers of Modi government and see why they have performed.
Nitin Gadkari became the dark horse of the Modi govt by unleashing a slew of measures for his ministry. His performance comes from his personal interest and involvement. It is said that Nitin Gadkari is always open to new ideas and listens patiently. He does not buy each and every ideas but carefully analyses them and picks the right from the wrong. He entrusts the execution to the right people thus making sure that the ideas get transformed into practice.
On the contrary the railway minister Suresh Prabhu is more dynamic than any of his other minister. He also has a penchant to meet people and pick the intelligent ones. Thus he has a good team of people who gives him good advices. He than makes sure that the ideas that he picks gets implemented. For that he has decentralised power and has given freedom to railways officers. He has also kept transparency in his approach which brings all the right and wrong doings at his table. Thus he is more intelligent in his approach as a minister than any other minister.
Both of them are ambitious which is the hall mark for any performer. Both rely on hand picked good people for advices and execution. They are also least talked ministers and are not found giving statements every now and than.
The new ministers must surely take lessons from these two ministers. They need to keep their ego and arrogance aside and set the priorities and goals on an annual basis and also for the remaining period of Modi govt. Thus certain tasks need to be put in the fast lane while others need to be completed before the govt terms ends.
They must be away from crony friends and opportunist well wishers, politicians and social workers some good but bad also, WHO WILL COME IN HORDES. The challenge is to try to identify good advisers which will be the key to their tenure as a minister.

Asheesh Shah
Author: Asheesh Shah

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