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Democracy has always been in crisis. Because , it’s based on consensus or majority based models of governance. Therefore in a country as large as India full of diversity at every stage , there will be differences, severe differences of opinion, culture, religion, ideology and whatever exists for any human being.

And therefore for any democracy to work in a positive manner there is a need for bringing people together without going to any extremes. We all have our views and opinions on the far left extreme to the right and we all have been blessed by the constitution to have our own principles and propagate them the way we want. But then such extremities also bring many hurdles in the national development.

It’s here that we need a platform that can be more fair in its approach. We at “Samanvaya’ are trying to bring the policy as it is , promoting and criticizing only when necessary, keeping national interest always at the forefront without any compromise on that one thing. We remain committed to this noble goal and our objective is to bring the right information to you about the various initiatives of the government and keeping everyone aware on various fronts that are important for us as a democracy from constitutional rights to Bills, Acts and Policies, strategic and urban issues and , MSME’s , SMSE’s, Start Ups , select Books and also providing an opportunity to everyone to Contribute .

This is a small initiative but in the right direction to strengthen our fraile democracy. We believe firmly that for this each and all citizen will have to come forward and do the necessary. That is our endeavour and we look forward for the same.


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Dr. Asheesh Shah
Center for Policy, Implementation and Governance Research
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