Alliances versus farmers ! Between the devil and deep sea ! PM Modi can surprise the opposition with this 3 point Farmer solution


Alliances versus farmers ! Between the devil and deep sea ! PM Modi can surprise the opposition with this 3 point Farmer solution

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It was unfortunate to see the Akali dal supreme leader Prakash Singh Badal returning his Padma award to the government. The BJP Akali dal is an 35 years old alliance and dates back to the days of Vajpai, Advani and Shekhavat.

While Akali dal has cut off the ties with BJP earlier this action has more sentimental value. Prakash Singh Badal has been largely seen as a more reasonable leader and has been with BJP in thick and thin of time. He holds certain respect with all political leaders and pan India. therefore this gesture is a bit more serious than one would already think of.

Earlier the Shiv Sena has also ditched the BJP on the issue of forming the government and the CM of Maharashtra. But the Shiv Sena had a clear agenda to promote Aditya Thackeray and have also shown their true face. We are angry with Sena but not with Akali Dal. We think that BJP must try to keep her alliance in Punjab while routing Sena completely from Maharashtra. The reason is the manner in which Sena has behaved herself in past few months from a complete turn over Hindutva and succumbing to all the moral weaknesses. In fact we believe that Shiv Sena is the biggest liability for BJP and the party must not fell in any kind of trap with them.

However the case with SAD is different and therefore we suggest a 3 point solution for the farmers issue considering tje short and long terms benefits that :-

1. Place a 6 months moratorium of Farmers Bills.

2. Ask SAD to be back in the government

3. Use the 6 months for comprehensive discussions and taking everyone into confidence rework the farmers bill and address the doubts and misconceptions suitably.

With this strategy the present danger of farmers protesting spreading more will be taken care of. Here we would like to reiterate that the dangers are not over yet.

Second, it will send a good message to NDA partners of a much matured and cordial BJP leadership which has taken a beating especially over taking partners along and accusation of being arrogant.

Thirs India is a large country and cannot be governed by one party. People like Modi are not born often and BJP cannot consider winning 303 seats every time. However the country needs BJP for many more years to come. Therefore the long term interests BJP has to take alliance partners with her though at times she may have to lower herself and accommodate their reasonable and unreasonable demands.

While Maharashtra can be handled in a different manner SAD is an important part of Punjab. Therefore in our opinion the BJP has to keep this important partner with her all though there are corruption and other news that keeps coming for SAD. However it’s like ignoring lesser evils over larger benefits.

And with that in mind we think that BJP and the government can do well with this 3 point solution that we have presented.

Dr Asheesh Shah

Asheesh Shah
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