Amitabh Kant, Niti Aayoga, Javadekar, Venkaiah Naidu, Railways etc take the lead to create awareness for #lesscash economy


Amitabh Kant, Niti Aayoga, Javadekar, Venkaiah Naidu, Railways etc take the lead to create awareness for #lesscash economy.

While there is a woman behind every men’s success, In government case, behind every success there are dedicated individuals and organisations.

Therefore it was a pleasure to observe that certain individuals came out of their offices to promote a digital economy. Multiple meetings were held by Niti Aayoga – from the CII to district collectors, meeting and propagating the idea of a digital economy (

A committee under the CEO of Niti Aayoga has been formed to move towards a digital economy ( It also convened meetings at various places to spread awareness, means and methods for a digital economy comprising members from states and other important bodies that can help push towards digital payments. (

Others like A. Panagariya ((
) and Bibek Debroy ( also came strongly in support of the initiative. In fact the whole Niti Aayoga hierarchy from top to bottom are busy in making sure that the country adopts fast a digital and payment system.

Besides Niti Aayoga, certain ministries and ministers also supported the move whole heartedly. Prominent among them was the HRD minister Prakash Javadekar who held a national conclave through video conference to spread and encourage the use of digital economy ( As part of the HRD campaign — Vitta Saksharta Abhiyan (VISAKA), a dedicated webpage has been set up. In a series of tweets, HRD Minister informed that all Institutions have been asked to ensure cashless transactions done through debit/credit cards, online transfers, RTGS, and cheque. (

The railways also pitched in with multiple announcements facilitating #lesscash
economy. ( paving way for a new India. Surprisingly the aviation
ministry was found lagging in this regard.

Venkaiah Naidu the dynamic minister of MoHUPA and IB also took great initiatives
to encourage people towards a digital economy. Through a series of articles in
media he made sure that the right word goes and rumours are not spread regarding the initiative. ( &

Other ministry are also encouraging the digital move.
No doubt the results of the move can be seen through the country
( please watch accompanying video). Many of the shops are accepting
cash through the digital payments systems and no doubt the government taxes will swell this year.

The state governments kitty will also see an increase due to VAT and
other taxes as shops move towards digital economy . Kejriwal and
Mamta Bannerjee must note this kindly. Amit Mitra after spending so much
time with FICCI and also being the finance minister of West Bengal must
try to seek rationality and advice his master rightly rather than screaming
on the national media. It will help save his image what so ever as an economist.

We welcome the move and initiative of various bodies government and otherwise
towards encouraging the citizens for a digital economy. However it will take some
time for the country to get adjusted and adopting the initiative. Meanwhile the
government must make sure the cash reaches the rural and semi rural class of the
society of the country timely and are also given sufficient time to embrace the initiative

Asheesh Shah
Author: Asheesh Shah

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