Bengal : A state going the Kashmir way. PM Modi has to speak now to the media and opposition before considering a President rule.


Bengal has been going the Kashmir way for long. Demographics and extremism does not happn in one day. They are long drawn processes. Therefore the long list of BJP karyakartas getting murdered after TMC victory in Bengal was expected. Many Hindus have reportedly flee to neighboring Assam and this was also on expected lines. This is what happened in Kashmir during the Pandits exodus. The whole nation watched it insensitively. Thanks God, there are enough messages from Bengal this time and the news is being shared across social media platforms with gruesome photos and videos.

One thing that has again gone terribly wrong was BJP calculation of winning Bengal in the elections. After reading and analysing everything we have come to the conclusion that Bengal, Tamilnadu and Kerala are three different states where your normal election strategy will not suffice. Sacrificing karyakartas to the sharks of these states only makes things more serious and delicate. BJP, Sangh and especially PM Modi and Amit Shah are being accused of ignoring Karkaryatas in such delicate times. It was good that PM Modi spoke to Bengal Governor yesterday while BJP President visited the grieved family in the state.

Unfortunately that is like a temporary pill given to stall things for few days. Today Mamata Banerjee was sworn in hence she will keep things under control atleast for a few days. The state plice shamelessly denied any wrong doing and said that there are no reports of rape and murders.

The question is under the circumstances what BJP, Sangh , Modi and Amit Shah can do or must do. We think that the first thing required is PM Modi must now speak to the media both national and international and bring all the cases of murder, vandalism and rape before them. This will bring the whole Bengal events on record before media and international eyes and watchdogs. BJP has always been accused of being communal and anti minorities. so this will help in creating the record straight before anything else happens.

Second, it should call Mamata Banarjee to the Capital and give a sermon . The lady is capable of doing any theatrics and therefore she has to be publicly reprimanded . The Modi Shah duo has been accused of being soft on Mamata while the karyakartas are being killed. This will also be on record. However the govt must make a fool proof case with all records and bring the kith and kins of grieved family to Delhi before the media and Mamata, so that everyone can see it.

Third the government has to take the opposition into confidence. Congress and Left are wiped out from Bengal. Sharad Pawar is also looking vulnerable as he may lose out to Mamata Banarjee. The govt must use the opportunity to beat Mamata in her own game and and bring all opposition together and speak to them

Finally only when with these three steps are taken the govt must then monitor and keep a strict eye on each and every murder or vandalism that happens in Bengal for next one – two month. If the events don’t stop and the murders continue to happen, the government must impose President’s rule without a hitch . No government can be allowed to sacrifice national interest no matter how well it has won the election. Election results are dicey at many times. They do not show an overwhelming victory for a party even though it wins more than 200 seats. For the number of margins in many seats, the corona wave 2 and many other factors can change the final outcome. The central government is responsible to maintain the integrity and security of the nation.

Nothing is more sacrosanct than the country. Let us be clear , Nation stands first before any person , party or organization. We have seen the conviction of PM Modi and HM Amt Shah in many events during the past seven years. Once again the nation wants to see that they keep national interest before anything else and make sure that Bengal behaves the way it must and be part of the national character. Any untoward incident in Bengal will send a very wrong message for other parts of the country. Indira Gandhi made sure to snatch Bangladesh from Pakistan. Now iTs for PM Modi to keep the west bengal intact and safe as people have already started comparing the two leaders. Who gets more marks as of now is no ones guess.

The whole thing has to be managed and executed with top class strategy as the path if full of thorns and any wrong move can be disastrous for the nation. WE advice utmost caution and wisdom to the government all the same.

Asheesh Shah

Author: Samanvaya

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