Birthday special: PM Modi the motivator and the Disruptor


Birthday special:  PM Modi the motivator and the  Disruptor  

There are PMs and The PM..’The PM’, is the only among the few who are able to show a distinct mark that is different from others n shines like a bright star in retrospect say after 50- 100 years henceforth. The PM is not only a good motivator but is also a disruptor in a positive sense that the country ever had.  Allow us to elaborate on the same and then we will also suggest a checklist for the PM to consider.  

A quick example of what we mean can be seen in the cheetah episode which has angered the opposition to the hilt. As  PM Modi went to Kuno to release 8 cheetahs specially flown from Namibia, once again the opposition and section of media started calling foul and termed it as a great tamasha. PM in his typical sarcastic tone also said the catching statement: Pahle log Kabutal chodte the ab ham Cheetah chodte hai” which can be interpreted in multiple ways and also a subtle reference to the Nehru era. The best is that the country has moved from a policy of being defensive to a nation that takes initiative and is aggressive in its approach. 

The point that we wish to take here is not about the Cheetah but about looking at the PM’s personality from a different angle on the occasion of his birthday. And that is why we call him Modi – the disruptor, as his statements and actions affect far and many. The term Modi- The Disruptor,  needs some explanation and owes its nemesis to the current term that is in vogue i.e Disruptive technology.  DISRUPTIVE  TECHNOLOGY can be broadly defined as an innovation that significantly alters the way that consumers, industries, or businesses operate. Disruptive technology sweeps away the systems or habits it replaces because it has attributes that are recognizably superior.

The PM has this DISRUPTIVE DNA which enables him to do something unique and replace old system. No doubt we have seen many decisions that project this particular trait of the PM. Whether its his governance model, or Swachta’s mission or the decision to scrap 370 in Kashmir they all had this stamping. The opposition as usual has been bewildered without any reasonable or rational logic to target the PM. The PM does not just believe in bringing new things on the table but is also able to bring a whole change in the ecosystem. This is important for a country that has been plagued by 70 years of legacy of lethargy bureaucracy and minority appeasement, to come out of it and move towards reviving the nation. Certainly, this is no easy task as we see time and again some 50-70 bureaucrats coming out of their shells to sign a letter that opposes the PM, government, and some policy issue. 

The PM brought the Jan Dhan yojana, GST, Ujjawala, and many other schemes that were trademarks of his unique mega reform strategy. The New Education Policy will give the country a true insight to its glorious past and helps to revive the rich historical past of the country which was happily ignored previously. 

The Smart city project is another way to modernize our cities with advanced and new technologies. The VISTA project will change the way the Capitol Delhi is looked at. It will be one of the Best cities in the world to visit. On the borders, it was for the first time that the army was seen in an aggressive posture and defended Chinese aggression in Doklam and Galvan valley true to its potential. Pakistan was shown its place in Balakot and with no hold bar aggressive tactics to chase the terrorists in Kashmir. 

On the foreign policy front, the world started looking at India with respect and the PM of India was first among equals at many important international platforms, something we were not used to earlier. 

But to Qualify as Real Disruptor PM has to do more

However, we are of the opinion that the PM has not yet fully shown his potential on many issues. There is still a need for BIG TICKET reforms and decisions that only PM Modi can take. We list a few of these actions and initiatives that are necessary for the country and only a PM like Modi has the ability to take them. With such actions, we can place him as the real disruptor of the Indian political system. 

1. The Police and judiciary both need huge reforms. Without these reforms, the country cannot be a true democracy.  Start a training institute to train the Police force in BIG ways. Make NCC compulsory for all police posts. Character building must be stressed during such training and NCC. 

2. Reforms in civil society through municipalities and other local bodies. 

3. Stress and focus on Elementary school education. This may sound surprising to some, but without strengthening the foundation right at the primary / elementary level the country cannot claim its rightful place.  

4. Control Religious activities that are weakening the nation. Anti conversions,  controlling missionary activities, empowering FEMA and other money laundering schemes are some other BIG ticket actions that are required. Make fast court and legal punishments.  

5. The science and technology domain is still not working to its fullest in the country and huge resources need to be pushed into it with clear objectives and focus. 

6. Make every youth and politicians contribute towards GDP and nation-building. Politics and social services are necessary for a healthy democracy. BUt they are also taken as means to earn easy money. The youths of the country waste  huge time in politics. This has to be stopped. Every youth must work compulsory for atleast 4 hours /day for the nation and contribute towards GDP. This is a BIG challenge for the PM to bring. 

7.  The country has to be pulled out of its slumber to a new level of self-confidence and power. All this is possible only through a leader who has the vision, will and power to Disrupt the normal tendencies and system to a new vibrant India. 

With best wishes for the PM on his birthday. May god bless him for years to come and bring more glory to him and the nation. 

Dr Asheesh Shah

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