BJP has given a long rope to Arvind Kejriwal? is it a political strategy or plain carelessness…


BJP has given a long rope to Arvind Kejriwal? is it a political strategy or plain carelessness…

The AAP private limited  party belonging to Arvind Kejriwal has recently contested the Gujarat elections and all though it lost her candidates in almost all places but for a good 27 odd seats in an election that was clearly a BJP ONE WAY SHOW. HOWEVER,. It all depends how one sees it. Many would see it as a waste of time and energy , while we see this as a future indicator of things to come. Arvind Kejriwal and His party are going sound in Delhi and are trying to expand the base across the nation. There are many who see AAP as a probable political party who is capable t take both congress and BJP. The question that we would like to place before our readers in whether BJP is allowing AAP to grow so as to cut votes of Congress or it is just that they dont have time for this party who is sitting in the national capitol with a strong base and supporters. 

Unfortunately in both the cases the BJP is doing a BIG mistake which is what congress did when it allowed AAP to grow at thir own cost but to defeat BJP. In fact we have written a blog on the same asking congress not to do this. For, in politics allowing a competitor to occupy your position een for a second is the biggest Harakiri that one can think of. This is what the congress has been doing in past two elections and is now on the verge of being wiped out completely from the national capitol ( see her polling percentage in last two assembly elections ). 

It seems that the BJP knowingly or unknowingly is also going on the same path if they are thinking that AAP will cut into congress votes and make life easy for the party. One can never know who will be a giant killer in the political circle and who will be David killing the mighty Goliath.. The same thing happened with Akbaruddin Owasi and his AIMIM party. It will be always prudent to kill the nup in the bud in the political arena and to allow any political party to grow is always a wishful thinking. 

IN the second case if the BJP is just careless abut AAP and Arwind Kejiwal then its committing still more mistake. The Delhi BJP has become a rudderless , uninspiring ,  listless party. For  a cunning and sharp politician like Kejriwal this is an open opportunity to expand his base and grow. The ground has been left open for him as there is no leader who can match him. His second in command Manish Sisodia has also made sure to take concrete steps to weaken BJP through his able administration.We also saw how AAP tries to exploit the farmers agitation  and create problems for Modi govt. To give a lighter analogy Its like the rat and mosquito who are small in size but can make life difficult for any lion. 

Therefore we would like the BJP top brass and other leaders to not ignore the all important capitol as a political domain.We have advocated earlier also that all metros must be National territories and the BJP must have a strong base in all metros besides political power. 

Conclusion and summary:

It is high time the central leadership takes command and look after Delhi as well as other metros.The Delhi BJP must be so much proactive that Arvind Kejriwal and his party must not get time to think beyond Delhi. There are so many issues that can be raised.  

Dr Asheesh Shah


Asheesh Shah
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