By bringing Women’s reservation bill PM Modi has done a big service to the nation….some strong contributions of Modi govt ..


By bringing Women’s reservation bill PM Modi has done a big service to 

the nation..some strong contributions of Modi govt ..

Modi government has given women of the nation something that they cannot forget for life time. The women’s bill was passed in both houses during the Special session called by the Modi government. This will usher in a new era as and when implemented and comes into force.

However even there is a delay in its actual implementation, what is more important is the fact that it has given a big boost to woman’s of the country psychologically and symbolically. While women around the world are great stabilizing force, women of our country is ahead of them. Indian women are found to not only support their families but are some of the biggest tolerant of sufferings and ill behavior. Whether at home or in office they continue to show patience and balance negative forces.

Women are also shown to be less corrupt and more sincere towards everything. They are  sensitive and can hear the voice of the common man more emphatically.  We are  talking about women especially belonging to the middle and lower class. Not the IAS and elitist.

Therefore by empowering the women of the country PM Modi and the government has done a great job for which they need to be applauded by one and all.

2. The second contribution that we wish to talk is on the Ekatma Parisar in Omkareshwar where one can see a tall structure / Idol of Adi Shankaracharya. Unlike other saints and Gods,  Shankaracharya  was different. He brought and focussed upon  Upanishads and  Advaita Vedantic literature and has written around 300 texts. VivekChudamani is one of the most acclaimed treatise of his. BY establishing this Ekatma parisar the Modi government has done a good job. It is important that the followers of Hindu sanatana dharma move towards spiritual and other Upanishad texts slowly but gradually. Our main principles and doctrines  of Hinduism is in these Upanishadic texts and not Puranic. While Ramayana and Mahabharata are historic texts and show us certain values and ethics to be followed in life, Upanishadic texts takes us beyond the mundane. They are subtle and lofty that need to be read, understood and assimilated. They provide spiritual strength and strengthen the soul. Instead of focusing on Karma Kand they encourage the follower to look inside and meditate.

The region around Omkareshwar is Nimar and Malwa. Indore and Ujjain are merely 100- 150 kms from it in the north while down south it gets connected to Khandwa, Burhanpur, Khargone etc the cities of East and West Nimar.  Maheshwar is another great historical city near Omkareshwar. These whole region is very religious and people are simple and emotional. Farming is the main source of income and the business centers around farmers.

The access road to Omkareshwar is not very good as of now. The local arrangements in terms of hotels and other amenities is also sub standard. The bridge connecting the two sides of Narmada is also missing and there is a makeshift kind of arrangement. The Shankaracharya idol installed at the top of a mountain is further difficult. State government should work on these issues and also open a center for Upanishadic studies in Omkareshwar which will be a real tribute and strengthen the Ekatma Parisar.


3. The bold stand taken by Modi governments against Canada  points to the fact that the country is gaining  internationally. THough its rather early but again slowly and gradually we will be known to take hard stand just the way China and some other country take especially when foreign nations try to interfere in our affairs and accuse without proof. This is another biggest contrinbution by the MOdi government as previously we are taken for granted.

The Canadian PM Trudeau must have realizes his folly by now.

4. The country is feeling confident and the economy is showing the results. Taxes across  the board have increased. The younger generation feels more encouraging now. More and more of them are becoming entrepreneurs which is a big plus for a country of 1.3



The Modi government has shown exemplary contributions. These will definately strengthen the nation in more than one way in days to come. However there are still some other things to do for which we write a separate post.

As of now Congratulations to the government and PM Modi for making the women empowered. Its a huge victory for the Feminine power of the nation that worships Durga, Parwati, Raadha etc.


Best Wishes

Dr Asheesh Shah


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