Challenging and Depressing times: Some expectations from fellow Citizens and Government


2020 has indeed ushered the world into a new paradigm- an uncertain future. While corona virus was a nature’s shock or may be doubtfully a laboratory mess up , others are full man made and that is without any doubts. If we talk at the international level President Putin remains as elusive as one can be displaying his full skills . The US will decide the future course of her and the world’s history in less than 10 days while Xi Jinping is keeping his powder dry and can shock the world at any time with some aggressive move that will have much higher repercussions. Pakistan remains a volatile state as ever while Afghanistan will pose new challenges going forward. The rest like Iran, North Korea are waiting for their opportunity while Europe and Britain are in the grip of a weakening economy. France is facing a new challenge in the form of terror and has called her ambassador from Turkey which should not be taken lightly. President Erdogan of Turkey is becoming the pillar of islamists forces around the world challenging and mocking French President Macron on the beheading of a French school teacher.

That reminds us about our earlier warning about Indo-China borders getting heat up. In normal circumstances we could have already seen the borders flaring up but the only reason that China has not taken this route can only be ascribed to a better prepared India. It must be noted that there were some initial ‘Halchal’ on the borders after 13th october but which were controlled. To say that the threat is over will be foolish and we request the government to not lower the guards yet .

While the External scenario appears to be very bleak the internal is more cloudy and dark. The political statements and actions coming from Kashmir are quite threatening and point to a new resurgent opposition led by the Abdullahs and Mufti. We would like to request the government to be really alert on this front and rather be ahead of the curve. West Bengal and some southern states are on the threshold of what may be called as remaining under democratic secular structure or going totally out of Hand. Earlier we have said that West Bengal has got the dubious distinction of witnessing most political murders in the country.

But the most depressing news is coming from the state of Maharashtra. We really regret to see the state of affairs from a state which revered and was inspired by Shivaji the great. The intellectual and nationlsit zeal of Maharashtrians offered a new line of thought to every Indian in the freedom struggle. Leaders like Savarkar, Tilak, Gokhale and the Sangh founder Dr Hegdewar have shown their vision and thought not only to Indians but to the world. Today what we see in Maharashtra makes us weep with anguish and agony. Whatever Shivsena supremo Balasaheb thckeray stood for has been totally hijacked by his clan and cronies of the government. Media and people are sent to jail for no good reason and the police have become a naked stooge in the hands of the government. Democratic norms are crushed like a toy in the hands of a demon.

Many of the government servants especially in the domain of education are behaving as arrogantly as one can unaware of the ground realities and the challenges. Bureacracy remains in a no care zone in their own comfort zones away from the grim realities of the nation with many having partisan attachments and loyalties.

But while all these events are happening we are seeing a more complacent attitude everywhere and we don’t know who is thinking what at the moment. We don’t know if everyone is also as serious and doubtful of the future as we are ? We don’t know if they are also as worried as we are ? In fact we don’t know anything about the future course of actions going forward in the face of such uncertain futures and depressing times.

Maybe there are more expectations from the present government unlike the previous UPA where the common man was totally cut off from mainstream politics. But during this government the common man is more active and sharing his / her aspirations openly through social media and other channels.

The question is how a common man and people like us know about the governments and organizations like sanghs motive and action plan ? Possibly they might be thinking as much as we are or rather more than us. We would certainly like to believe this, and would be really happy if that is the case. Unfortunately it seems that the corona virus has taken its toll on the attention of the government to other challenging issues. And as they say when the wise gets distracted the unscrupulous makes the most of it.

This is what is happening in the country. While the government has been busy fighting corona and its after effects , everyone from China to Shivsena has exploited the situation in the country. The government has lost some of her earlier enthusiasm and now looks a bit tired. All though there are newer policies and projects announced but the overall environment is making things less encouraging. Moreover the situation in Maharashtra especially after the unfortunate death of Film star Sushant Singh rajput has indeed dampened the spirits and the unruly behavior of the government and her cohorts in the state has made a total mockery of democracy and whatever it stands for.

The love jihad events or what ever they are is another depressing things that keep happening and the latest being a very brilliant girl in Haryana Nikita Tomar. Its really unfortunate her life should end in such a bizzare manner.

Under the situation we request the government to take things in their own hands and not allow social media to dominate the mindset of the citizens of the country. We would also request organizations like Sangh to have a better say in the working of the government and be proactive. It has to bring hope and confidence in everyone’s life under such uncertain times. At times the sangh seems to be too far from the ordinary man. Corona virus has made all such things more impactful.

As many european and US are struggling with a second wave of coronavirus we may have very little chance to save ourselves going down. We request all stakeholders in the country from the government to the party and Sangh to citizens to be awake and active. Complacency at any level and on any issue will kill us all. For the times are not normal from any standards.

It’s important that the confidence of citizens remain high in day to day life as well as government and organizations like Sangh for which they all have to be more active and seen as dependable actionable entities. While India has very well deflected the threat from China as of now but the external and internal challenges will only increase going further. All these calls for a very very alert government.

Asheesh Shah
Author: Asheesh Shah

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