Change in Sangh hierarchy and challenges ahead for new Sar Karyavaha. 

Unlike the changes in leadership in other organizations,  leadership changes in Sangh are unanimous but also much deliberated. It is a very nuanced filtered kind of election process where only the cream can come up while others have to wait. Therefore the election of Manniya DattaTreya Hosabale as Sar Karyavaha ( or Gen secretary) of Sangh is the culmination of very sincere and dedicated service to the nation and the Sangh. Sh Hosable replaces Manniya Suresh ji Joshi or known popularly as Bhaiyya ji Joshi whose towering and yet simple personality came as a boon for the Sangh, as an orator to deep thinking besides organizational skills. No doubt Bhaiyya ji will be missed but owing to his health and age the baton of the organization now comes to Sh Hosabale ji. We also look forward to continuous ‘Seva’ of Bhaiyyaji towards the nation and Sangh parivar though he may have been released from official position as Sar Karyavaha.. 

Coming to the new incumbent the nation has huge expectations from him. Having led the ABVP the student arm of Sangh Sh Hosabale is no newcomer to the national issues and organizational work. In fact it is for these very reasons that he has been given this new responsibility.  He has excellent equations with BJP top hierarchy including both PM and HM – Modi and Shah. This will indeed act as a facilitator for the Sangh to expand and work on many critical issues. We have witnessed how the BJP at times gives short shrift to Sangh and many ministers and political leaders of BJP avoid Sangh leaders. We expect under Hosabale ji the BJP will be brought to respect Sangh by Man , Vachan and Karma. Coming to national issues the country is passing through some serious issues. Despite the best efforts of the Modi govt and Personal attention of PM Modi there are big challenges facing the country. Indeed the country has come up with flying colours in many respects, both at the national and international level yet there seems to be some uncertainty over the future of the country.  The BJP has to be in power for atleast another ten years and may we say that this is the first and biggest responsibility of Sh Hosabale to ensure the same. 

The elections in Bengal and Tamilnadu will give us a clue on these extremely politicized states. Both the states are on the verge of break down from the national stream despite some good developmental works. However the ‘no hold barriers’  politics of Mamata Banrjee as well as DMK and other regional leaders have made them an existential threat to the integrity of the nation. Naturally the nation does not want other challenges like Kashmir to brew up. Also the way Maharashtra is going points to big crisis the nation has fallen into. The BJP has to get these two states at any cost preferably in this election or going in the near future , and that will be the second challenge for Sh Hosabale ‘s leadership.

The country has also seen large protests in the form of farmers and other issues. The left orchestrated drama and international support derived also poses great risks for the nation which Sh Hosabale knows better than others. However the Sangh has filed to work out similar counter strategies against the lefts and others parties. Unfortunately and we are really sorry but to say that there is still certain short sightedness when it comes to the working of the Sangh . First and foremost the Sangh has to promote the culture of Merit based  responsibilities to whomever it recommends for a position. We have seen and know that many times the Sangh works on the basis of personal relationship and that is the end of it. This has to be avoided in national interest. Several key position in the country are being wasted because of poor selections. These people who get the position due to some ‘Connections’ with some higher sangh leader totally ignore and even HUMILIATES KARYAKARTAS AND EVEN WELL EDUCATED PEOPLE. We ourselves have witnessed such SELFISH persons who are still occupying high seats of power in the govt organizations. The first criterion Sangh must look at is HUMILITY and second TEAM WORK. If a person does not have these two basic things then in our opinion no matter how genius or Jugadu he /she is must be shunned. 

There is also a leadership crisis in the mid-level Sangh hierarchy . While the nation expects Sangh to lead it in the future more strongly ideologically as well as politically, such open holes in the organization puts a big question mark not on the sangh but on the fate of the nation. We hope the message is well taken.

Then there are questions related to the growing population of certain communities as well as their growing  influence in business and religious matters. The islamic culture of having one Mosque at every 2 or 5 kms distance in the country is a big risk for others. As a muslim indeed one can find a Mosque within this distance no matter whether one is residing where in the country ? Similarly the Christian organizations are developing Churches across the country. Sngh has to be vigilant on such issues

There are other challenges too for the new Sar Karyavaha. But as Sh Hosabale ji has immense experience and knows the pulse of the country we expect he will get into the new role fast and efficiently. He is known to be liberal but we also expect him to have a tough line when it comes to that. The propensity of Sarkari people to go for foreign goods still acts as a hurdle for the nation to be Atmanirbhar. The recent corruption issue in Army recruitment demonstrates the level of penetration of these unscrupulous elements. There is serious employment issues that the country faces. 
What else we can say but that the nation has indeed some big expectations from Sh Hosabale ji going forward . In a way the destiny of the nation has been now tied with the organizational integrity and vision of Sangh. The path on which Sangh will tread will decide the road on which the nation progresses. It is still better than other options but also full with risks and thorns. 

We can only convey our best wishes to Manniya Sh Hosabale ji and look towards strengthening the nation as well as Sangh in days to come. Change of leadership in any organization brings fresh air to think and act and we hope and expect the new Sar karyavaha to take a deep breath before he starts working on the new position and say ‘OM Tat Sat’ and ponder on the manifested and the unmanifested reality of the nation and international environment. 
We also wish to convey Manniya Bhaiyyaji our sincere thanks for giving his services to the nation and expect him to continue the same with more enthusiasm and energy. 
Dr Asheesh Shah


Asheesh Shah
Author: Asheesh Shah

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