Changing world order and India. Is Nupur Sharma’s episode a game-changer?


Changing world order and India. Is Nupur Sharma’s episode a game-changer?

Recent incidents show how the world is changing at a fast pace. It all started with Covid /Corona, then Russia /Ukraine . As if that was not enough India has been caught on the wrong foot first by stone pelters on Ramnavami, the Gyanvapi mosque debates, and finally the Nupur Sharma statement. Coming to think of Nupur Sharma this was bound to happen. If not for her someone else might have said something and the fire would have spread. For Television in their quest for TRP or whatever is going bold by the day with provoking and senseless debates and discussions at times. Therefore no surprise if Nupur was caught with her statement,  that an already overzealous religion that was finding itself cornered, could not bear and it was just a matter of time to happen. Besides there was vested political interests and foreign hands in the whole episode. The manner in which the riots have occured in certain states and cities on a friday speaks for itself as the states are mainly ruled by opposition parties.

We certainly don’t wish to go into the pros and cons of the episode. The environment is already too poisonous for any sane debate to carry on and also it was worthless in the first place. One should stay away from casting aspersions or saying loose about any religion ours or foreign or anyone else. 

These must apply to one and all, irrespective of status or any other discrimination. There have been statements made against ShivLings and many things told about Hindu Gods and Goddesses. WE don’t say that the Hindus are tolerant or Good to not raise such issues and issue fatwas. . It is also the apathy of the central government that it could not take stern actions against anyone who speaks against any other religion. It is because of this apathy that we find ourselves in such a situation that we have to see the effigy of Nupur Sharma hanging on an electric wireline in Karnataka.

Further, though the Karnataka govt ruled by BJP there is no action or effort to find who has done this. 
We are also sad and frustrated to see that the central government is unable to issue strict notice to people who are issuing threats to Nupur. PL note that we are not supporting Nupur Sharma but we are also against anyone who is issuing threats publicly and openly. One Mr. Jaleel is said to issue very provoking statements against Nupur Sharma and we wonder why and how the central government can tolerate such nonsense. 

This becomes more ludicrous when one sees the tweet posted by Geert Wilders a political activist from the Netherland  ( @geertwilderspvv) in support of Nupur Sharma. 

We can only request the central government to take a calibrated stand in the wider interest of the nation. May be time for PM to address the nation and instill confidence.. IN the past many things have happened that should not have happened in the first place. One Maharashtrian citizen Miss Chitale is under arrest for the past month for some posts against Sharad Pawar on her social media. Bengal is burning one way and there is no respite for the Hindus and bjp supporters living there. Rajasthan is becoming a more and more lawless ruled state with rapes and murders being perpetrated without fear of law. 

The state has also become a case of BJP infighting and the clever CM Gehlaut took advantage of the same as was seen in the RS elections. That way at least it was good to see that Devendra Fadnavis and his team is doing good in Maharashtra. 

Coming back to the subject, Gujarat has become the first state to hold rallies and public gestures in support of Nupur Sharma. What stops and prevents other people to do the same. It’s not a question of what she said but the open threat she has been getting needs a better response. 

WE don’t pay much weight to the international pressure launched by Qatar and OIC members. Many left-liberal and Lutyens have written big articles and have tried to raise this international issue which looks to be part of the TOOL KIT policy that we have become familiar with after incidents like CAA, Farmer’s agitation, Shahen Bagh etc. 

International working has become very different these days and it’s all about creating pressure and trying to extract concessions through such blackmailing tactics. The government has handled well Qataris and other countries. It has issued strict warnings and statements to these countries. But while the govt has done well at the international level it has not shown the same alertness at the national level. This is intriguing, to say the least. 


We request the central government which has so many stalwarts to be alert and responsive/decisive, Countries and civilizations are lost because of indifference and apathy. This is the time to show the citizens that the government is very proactive and will follow a Zero tolerance policy on all such issues. The country has to remain strong internally which means rules and laws have to be strong and implemented without guilt or fear. The example of Yogi Adityanath is a case in point. 

The Sangh leadership also looks to be confused and there is no statement coming from them. Earlier the Sangh Supremo issued one statement on the Gyanwapi mosque but that is not enough. The Sangh had to prod the government to be decisive and show that the country will be ruled by law of the land no matter who creates nonsense.

Whether one likes it or not this Nupur Sharma incident has all the potential to become a Game changer in Indian politics and national interests, with far and wide ramifications (including shadow on 2024) just like the 1857 independence episode triggered on the issue of bullets/cartridges being made of animals fat. 

Time to close the chapter and move ahead. BUt for that, the government has to take the initiative and act fast. Loose threads are the first to catch fire always.

Note: written in the national interest without any bias towards anyone. 
with best wishes

Dr Asheesh Shah

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