China’s CCP and XI Jinping’s third term. A quick review. Also, India has to be alert on borders

China’s CCP and XI Jinping’s third term. A quick review. Also India has to be alert on borders

As we write this the CCP 20th meet is underway in Beijing China. the CCP meeting is the most powerful event in China where the complete CCP hierarchy gathers. This time the agenda of the meeting is more critical and is the nomination of China’s President Xi Jinping for a third term which is essentially a lifelong tenure for XI. Before only Mao had the privilege to serve China for three terms. Xi will become the second leader to have this rare privilege which makes him very very powerful. 

Some 2,300 delegates have gathered in Tiananmen Square’s Great Hall of the People for a week.
About 200 of them will be selected to join the party’s central committee, plus around 170 alternate members.
The central committee will elect 25 people to the party’s Politburo. And the Politburo will appoint the members of the Politburo standing committee.

It is still some time before the CCP meet winds up and gives its verdict. But a precursor to the event is worth observing. Days before the event, there was news that XI has been put under surveillance and is not allowed to go out. It was such a strong rumor that everyone including us thought that XI has gone. 

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However, this was short-lived as XI surfaced with all confidence and addressed the CCP. He made a powerful speech that provides key inputs to Chinese thinking and strategy going forward. 

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It is also to be noted that just before the CCP meet on day one, a video depicting the Galvan valley clash with India was shown to all the attendees of the meet. Among the attendees was Qi Fabao, who was one of the 304 delegates from the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and People’s Armed Police chosen to attend the all-important meeting of the party.

A PLA regiment commander, Qi’s stature as a delegate to the national congress was further elevated during the meet after footage was played at the Great Hall of People which showed him rushing towards Indian troops at Galwan Valley ahead of the violent clash between the border troops of the two countries on June 15, 2020. 
Before we go to Xi key points during the speech its also important to note that yesterday  and earlier some anti XI messages were seen at many places in China which is rather unusual. China is also struggling with its economy and the GDP figures release were delayed by the dragon.

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India must maintain FULL ALERT and VIGILANCE on the borders as the next few days seem to be important for China and hence India. There are chances of some border activities in next few days. 

Key Points from XI’s speech:

1.  Xi On world affaits:
“Confronted with drastic changes in the international landscape, we have maintained firm strategic resolve and shown a fighting spirit. Throughout these endeavors, we have safeguarded China’s dignity and core interests and kept ourselves well-positioned for pursuing development and ensuring security.”

2. Xi On modernization:
: “Chinese modernization offers humanity a new choice for achieving modernization.”

3.Xi :On social ideology

  “High-quality development is the top priority of building a socialist modern country in all aspects. Development is the party’s top priority in governing. It’s impossible to build a socialist modern strong country in all aspects without solid material and technology foundation.”

4. Xi: On Taiwan

 “We will continue to strive for peaceful reunification with the greatest sincerity and the utmost effort, but we will never promise to renounce the use of force, and we reserve the option of taking all measures necessary. The wheels of history are rolling on toward China’s reunification and rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The complete reunification of our country must be realized and it can without a doubt be realized.”

5. Xi: On Military 

 “We will intensify military training under combat conditions across the board to see that our armed forces can fight. We will innovate new military strategic guidance and develop strategies and tactics for people’s war, establish a strong system of strategic deterrence, increase the proportion of new domain forces with new combat capabilities, and intensify military training under combat conditions

5. Xi: ON sc and technology

 “We will focus on national strategic needs, gather strength to carry out indigenous and leading scientific and technological research, and resolutely win the battle in key core technologies.”

3. Conclusion:

Though it seems that XI will be appointed for the third term but one should not take things for granted especially in a country like China where only partial and staged managed news comes out of the country. We just would like full alert on the borders until this episode gets over in Beijing. It must also be noted that October/November are the months when China has played mischief with India. 

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