Congratulations Modi / Shah for comprehensive wins across the nation. BIhar and other results are a much needed boost for the party and leaders.


The Bihar elections were seen as a pedestal for the opposition to launch fresh attacks on BJP and especially Modi and Shah especially after the democratic candidate Biden’s victory in the United States. The left liberal and other parties the world over are extremely buoyed by the US results as the battle was seen to happen at a very important and critical junction. We will write on that separately but the US boost will be felt in other parts of the world including India politically is the obvious inference. Therefore the BIhar elections were quite important for BJP and PM Modi. And the same has come up to lit Deepawali diyas (lamps) in the right wing party and organizations with more pomp and show is an added boon.

The immediate danger and opposition onslaught for the pair and the party has been successfully ward off. A few disgruntled from inside the party will also have to wait for some more time is another takeaway. The BJP can now look towards West Bengal which has become critical after the complete surrender of CM Mamata Banerjee to inimical forces in the state , requires it to be a MUST WIN STATE for the party in the interest of the nation. The pundits will try to analyse the results with twists and tweaks of their own but that should not matter much.

Elsewhere UP and MP results are also in line with party expectations and the inclusion of Jyotiraditya Sindhya to BJP fold has been politically defended. This should come as a major relief to Sindhiya as well as Amit Shah for engineering the defect. In UP CM Yogi Adityanath has also been successful who is continuously under fire from media and social media as they are unable to see a Mathadheesh leading the state successfully and with full discipline and development politics.

Bihar elections results could have been used for major protests and launch pad against Modi/Shah combine. The Abdullah’s and the Mufti in Kashmir are trying to get back after being sidelined in the state politics. Shivsena has shown how rogue a state party can become in no time and needs the full attention of the party and in particular Modi/ Shah combine. The Arnab case will be heard today in Supreme court and that is a major boost for all his followers and fans besides of course our democracy. However we would like a word of caution here.

From our astrological inputs we see that the trial and tribulations of Arnab may not be completely over yet. Therefore the outcome of SC is really important.

Overall though Bihar election results along with others have reinforced the Modi/ Shah power politics, the challenges are far and many. This can be therefore just a small reprieve before the next round of battle starts. That said a reprieve and a win is a win that needs to be enjoyed and to get recharged oneself for confronting the opposition, internal and externally and to make sure that the nation gets strong.

We are happy and pleased to convey our best wishes to P Modi/ HM Amit Shah and party president JP Nadda for the comprehensive victory. The Sangh and other affiliates also need to enjoy the victory as it could have increased their pressure if gone otherwise. Overall a very auspicious win for which BJP and all sister organisations. Congratulations to all of them

Dr Asheesh Shah

Asheesh Shah
Author: Asheesh Shah

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