Congratulations Niti Aayoga for the lecture series on #TransformingIndia


Congratulations Niti Aayoga for the lecture series on #TransformingIndia
I think India is fortunate to have a PM like Narendra Modi who came in time sharp 11 am , made his inaugural speech and listened patiently to almost an hour long speech of Singapore Dep PM sh. Tharman Shanmugaratnam and the panel discussion that followed.. he left only after the event was over with an open audience questions answer session..
The salient point of the event was a passionate speech by the deputy PM of Singapore whereby he prodded India again and again to go whole heartedly for reforms and emulate Singapore model. HE compared situation of Singapore twenty years back and recounted how it has changed over the years. He narrated many examples from Singapore in the field of education, reforms, GST , bureaucracy and other areas to make his point.
Than started the panel discussion that included names like Bimal Japan, N K Singh, and Vijay was moderated by Arvind Panagariya. Bimal Japan was forthright in his opinion to focus on execution and implementation. Vijay Kelkar was also to ask for an aggressive approach. N K SINGH was diplomatic and polished as ever.
After the panel discussion a round of questions answer followed..with some good participation from cabinet ministers and some bureaucrats..while one minister wanted to know how to reform education sector, one other wanted to know how to make inclusive policies and lessons from Singapore..The Singapore dep PM crested example of Singapore and said how the rich and the poor lived in same society and shared same resources. He also asked India to go for four and sixes rather than taking singles for growth and reforms..
In the end it was a very good event and shows the commitment of PM Narendra Modi to transform was good to see all senior ministers and bureaucrats taking notes sincerely.such lectures be arranged regularly..I am sure the country will indeed get transformed..once again congratulations to Niti Aayog and the Prime Minister who is also the chairman of Niti ayoga for holding such an event.

Asheesh Shah
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