Congratulations to President Biden: US elections and the left versus right fight shows times have become more interesting and challenging for India and PM Modi.


US Elections are over and Democrat candidate Biden-Harris has won the race. PM Modi has already congratulated the new 46th President and the Vice President Kamala Harris. It has been one of most aggressively fought elections in a democratic set up and will be remembered for many things.

And the thing that we are interested in is the fight for dominance between the left liberal progressive group that comprises minorities, black and other fringe groups too. While the other contestant is the Right wing conservatives led by the Republicans.

One particular aspect of this election was the role played by media and when we say media then it means international media mainly BBC, France 24 and others who played a very partisan approach and supported Democrats to the fullest without guilt or second thought. We especially got the attention when we saw the same theme running on all of them including CNN that Trump was alleging against the voting count without proof. We will be not surprised to read some time in the future that some great lobbies and billionaires have funded the democrats and the international media handsomely to get down Trump. Pro left media like New York times, Washington post, CNN were as usual non stop in their criticism against Trump.

The Democrats were not having any particular theme was obvious from the fact that they catched the Trumps Coronavirus handling as a god send gift and hung on to it until they won the election. This essentially means that they were desperate to defeat tTrump who was changing the world scenario with his drastic actionable policies. The Israel – UAE, Saudi and other treaties signed just before the elections along with China trade war and Taking down Iran are some of them. Trumps call to make America great again at the cost of Nato partners was also something that the world was not prepared to absorb. Again had Trump could have got the second term the world would have been totally different for good or bad that we cant say at the moment.

Somehow we are of the opinion that The Russian and other election interference angles thrown by democrats were like the ‘ Wazir ‘ a fictitious character in the film done by Superstar Amitabh Bacchan. The film unfolds with the climax seen when everyone realises that there was no Wazir and it was just an excellent decoy or subterfuge or an entice to get the characters working for a cause. Or maybe it was just blown out of scale by the left dominated media and many other organisations.

Coming back to the main theme this election is basically a major victory for the left liberals which was supported by vested interests across the world and not just Soros and the likes. It is therefore natural to ask what is the aim of these left liberals and what will be their lines towards critical global issues . Trump must be credited that he made them all fear for their worth and therefore got them all together.

In international diplomacy many things happen in a very subtle way whose impact is seen only after a certain time and are what you say in hindi ‘Durgami’. We stand at that critical junction where we have to watch the international developments more closely without showing our biases or choice for anyone.

There will be a need to approach the administration with a fresh mind without any bias that can be construed as leaning towards Trump or the previous administration.
It is also interesting to read somewhere that many world leaders have not yet come forward to congratulate the President. PM Modi has to be a bit careful. He should not be seen as very eager to shake hands with the new President but look normal. President Biden will be under pressure from his domestic constituency to see that he is not favouring China especially after all the news flowing about his son having secret business deals with China and other countries. We believe that America will maintain her China policies going forward and will try to use India as much. The best hedge against China is India and we must know that. Therefore everyone needs India as much as we might be inclined to need everyone against China. Therefore the cards have to be played quite judiciously. The bargain chips will be now scattered once again and we have to pick the right ones.

Many Indians prefer democrats as the new admin will favour H1 B visa and green cards issuance.

Biden and Harris may be under pressure to play the Kashmir card by the left liberals and other lobbies across the world. Pakistan will be delighted to have the Bidens at this important junction and would try to restore the balance against India through the biden administration. America will definitely play positive to these overtures and certain developments that can embarrass India can take place. What will be the policies of Biden for Afghanistan is an important issue that will impact everyone especially India and the sub continent.

To summarise this is the start of a very interesting chapter in world history. India has to watch the developments very very closely and look for things that strengthen her without showing any emotional or diplomatic baggage of the past. PM Modi and his team have to adjust their posture not overtly but subtly and that is the challenge.

The real test of PM Modi and Amit Shah and party has now started. 370 and Ram temple has to be defended properly without making noise. Religious and minorities issues need to be controlled but deftly. Shiv sena has challenged Narendra Modi and Amit Shah openly and the duo has been seen as unable to handle this is now the general consensus. Bengal elections will also be fought aggressively while we wait for Bihar elections. China is still sitting on the encroached borders without guilt and poses the biggest challenge to the nation and Modi.

One thing that we can humbly suggest to PM Modi and Amit Shah ji will beto be more circumspect and humble henceforth. They will need much better coordination, cooperation and restropection. The days of total dominance are over. We might just like to add it in the interest of the nation and as a humble serious suggestion.

Dr Asheesh Shah

Asheesh Shah
Author: Asheesh Shah


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