Corona crisis: How to salvage the lost confidence Time to unleash some power and action !


As they say one day is too big a time in politics for anything to happen. In the case of PM Modi and HM Shah, its now more than a month and no surprise then that the tide has changed for sure. It is not that the brunt has to be shared by just Modi and Shah , but also the Sangh which is also now losing some of its sheen.

We have to think about this very very seriously indeed. We could have written this article after 6 months or now and we have made the decision to send the message now. For as they say ‘ ab pastaye kya hot hai jab chidiya chug gayi khet ‘ , therefore the warnings should come ahead of any eventuality.

Before we write further let us make it clear that not everything is lost and the government is still strong enough and is in command. PM Modi as well as HM Amit Shah are still in their seats with all the power and the Sangh is intact and active as ever. So what is bothering us is about the future and to find and write why people are angry with Modi, Shah, BJP and the Sangh.

The first and foremost thing that always goes against PM Modi and HM Amit Shah is the very HIGH LEVEL OF EXPECTATIONS that everyone has with this government. In a way they are seen as saviour of the country and also Hindus. Therefore whenever people find things going wrong the first blame has to be shared by Modi and Shah.

People want this government and especially PM Modi and HM Shah to act BOLDLY on every front be it China. Kashmir, Balakot, Ram temple, CAA, Farmer issue, Population control , Conversion control, Foreign funding etc etc. A good friend of mine from army said clearly that the citizens of the country has given BJP 303 seats because they liked the decisiveness and daring of Modi ( Balakot happened before 2019 parliamentary elections , and they supported Modi when Chin encroached in Ladakh, 370, Ram temple etc) . The point that he was making was, Modi and Shah will not find a deficit in people’s support and vote if they continue to do good work for the nation no matter how controversial or tough the decision and hence the issue may be.

By the same token if the govt and hence PM Modi and HM Amit Shah are found liberal or in want of taking bold actions they will not be spared . Or in other words the mandate for BJP is to act and to act boldly.

Come Farmers issue, Bengal elections and Corona virus the government was found on the wrong foot on all the three cases. The citizens expected the govt to act tough and decisively in all the three events. First the farmers issue where the nation was brought to a standstill and a mayhem was allowed to be created while the whole nation watched with helplessness and certain frustration and pain. Most of the citizens thought that the farmers issue should have been handled more strongly.
Then came the Bengal elections. As a precursor to the election BJP supporters across the country along with the common man were horrified to see the images of BJP karyakartas getting lynched and murdered in borad day light. Bengal looked to be an alien nation far off from the main land where the central govt had no control. While the loss of BJP was never an issue what dismayed the public and supporters was the riots, rape and murders unleashed by the goons in Bengal and once again the central govt was found wanting. People asked why a president rule was not imposed in Bengal and elections were held.
Finally all hell broke loose when the corona wave 2 got the nation and hence the govt and PM Modi and Amit Shah all caught by surprise and shock . We dont wish to go into why this all happened and why the govt was caught in such delicate junction.

That apart, what has irked the nation is the lack of action shown by PM Modi and Hm Shah. Once again the supporters and citizens of the country wanted some drastic actions and no mere announcements. For some reasons the govt i.e. Modi and Shah have belied these expectations. The citizens wanted a quick takeover by the central govt and not allow politicians like Kejriwal to do all the theatrics and make a mockery of the whole thing while people were crying for oxygen and beds. Similar conditions prevailed in other parts of the country. Medicines like Remdevsiri were sold for over a lakh and the unscrupulous took charge under such trying situations.

No doubt we all were stuck by such a massive calamity and the medical infra was so little as compared to the patients that were looking to be admitted. Many such patients were fake and many more just panic ridden and have grabbed the beds. I am told that the dep commissioner of Noida raided one such hospital this week to get them out.

Then there is the exemplary work of Iqball Singh the Mumbai (BMC) commissioner who has shown how with proper management things can get controlled.

There are many things the government could have done but somehow there is a perception that the government is still holding its power rather than unleashing it. There is an article in The print by VSM ( retd) LG Panag who has made a strong case for using the Army to manage the corona crisis in the country [1]. Most people wanted a central command rather than the state governments lacklustre management. People are expecting once again their super Hero Modi and Shah to rescue the nation and her citizens from coronavirus.

There are also talks of some of the advisors of the govt to be away from reality. While PM Modi and HM Shah were busy in Bengal elections someone should have made sure that other issues are handled in the same manner. However there was indifference and despondency. There are also talks of the bureaucracy and senior officials failing the government. The role of Sangh has also come under criticism for lack of proactiveness and being an effective watchdoof the government and the nation.


AS we have said the citizens of the country wants the govt i.e. Modi and Shah to act strongly and boldly. Any laxity on their part will hurt the sentiments of the nation and disappoint them. With the death limbing and sufferings increasing the whole issue has become very emotive for any sanity to take upper hand. The entire blame will come on the central government no matter how ineffective and careless the state governments act. Delhi has become a classic case for the same where all the incompetence of Arvind Kejriwal gets reflected and diverted on the central governments. Even the courts are not mincing any words and are issuing contempt orders to the central government. The SC has also reprimaded the central governments. With all things happening people are perplexed by the role of the government i.e. Modi and Shah.

It is time that the government wakes up to the caLl of the hour and unleashes its fUll power to handle issues with toughness. Only that will bring back the confidence of the nation back.

The Sangh must also see to it that the PM and the government gets the right kind of advisors and is asked to act effectively.


Note: written only in national interest without malice towards any individual, govt or system.

Asheesh Shah

Author: Samanvaya

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