COVID help Center – State Government

Please find a list of central government services and facilities towards fighting Corona Virus. Please click on the main Heading to get more details about the website.

  1. CoVID Facilities in States/Union Territories: Link to state wise covid websites.
  2. NDTV State govts Helplines : NDTV is providing a page for state help lines
  3. ITBP Sardar Patel Delhi Covid center: The contact numbers are: 011- 26655547; 011- 26666949; 011- 26655549; 011- 26655548; 011-26655959; 011-26655969 and  control room number is 011- 26655530. Covid-19 affected people, their families or friends can also email at
  4. India TV state Govt helplines: India TV has also posted a list on its website
  5. Gujarat #COVID19 Resources;
  11. Madhya Pradesh State Govt Portal for monitoring Covid 19 :- Excellent MP govt Health Dept website to find Covid BEDS anywhere in the state . Click here:
  12. Mumbai City Covid Help line
  13. Pune City Cvid helpline and orders